Solstice LLC
44.201357, -73.609588
7307 US Route 9, Elizabethtown
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We are a pagan themed Spiritual Shop located at the foot of the High Peaks Range of the
Adirondacks. We are tucked away on the edge of town in Elizabethtown also known as
Pleasant Valley. We do our best to be of service and helpfulness to those in need of
spiritual services or those who just want to visit and do a little shopping at a…very cool little
At Solstice all are welcome; regardless of your personal spiritual or religious beliefs or those
who do not have any at all. It is a space for honest and open sharing of belief’s, ideas and
personal experiences so that we may help each other to grow and evolve as spiritual beings
living out many lives on the material plane of existence. We offer a safe space where you
may ask any questions you may have. Here we seek to bring together practitioners of the
ancient pagan faiths, as well as those seeking to learn and explore the Ancient Paths so
that the knowledge, healing and miracles of the old ways can continue to reemerge after
several thousand years of oppression. Yet again, please know that all people of all paths
and beliefs (religious or otherwise) are indeed welcome and encouraged to stop by.

In our store we offer:
Psychic Medium Reading: In this type of reading the Psychic uses their skills to
communicate with the deceased family member(s) or friend(s) and many time your
ancestors who may want to communicate with you. This can be enormously healing for both
the sitter (the person who came for the reading) and person or people on what we call the
“Other Side” or “Spirit Realms”.

Tarot Reading: In this type of reading the person being read for usually is seeking answers
for an issue or issues going on at the moment. Issues such as relationships, family and
employment to name a few. They may also be seeking guidance concerning major
Other Types of Readings: We do offer other types of readings on a case-by-case basis;
readings such as Rune and Spirit Animal Readings. In the Rune readings (a very ancient
Norse form of divination) we look to see within ourselves for answers when deeper
transformational changes are going on. A very powerful tool indeed. In the Spirit Animal
Readings, a person is walked into a brief guided mediation to connect with themselves and
the spirts of their soon to be known spirit animals. They then slowly pass their hands or
hand over a deck of spirit animal cards picking them one by one until all have been
selected. The reader will then explain to them what they represent and in what area of life
they can work with you in. Each animal has its own attributes and power and it is these
things that you as the sitter can use to help you along your journey.
Group Readings: If you are interested in group readings for the Psychic Medium and Tarot
readings for events or for your friends and family in a group setting, we are open to traveling
a reasonable distance. Contact us for details.
We do prefer that you book readings in advance. You can book via our website at or call the store at 518-873-1122
Special Note: Psychic Medium, Tarot and Rune readings can be done over the phone or via
zoom when necessary. Please contact us if that is your preference.
We have a wide and varied selection of items in our charming little spiritual shop. Some of
what we sell are as follows:
Candles: Reiki Charged Votives, 50-hour jar candles (unscented) in 12 colors! Great for
your altar or meditation space. Five- and Seven-day candles and Ritual Chime Candles for
your spell work.
Incense: We have sticks, cones, and loose natural resins like, Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal
and Dragons Blood.
Jewelry: Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants. Many of our items are made by local
Books: We have a small but growing selection of books geared to those who are drawn to
or are interested in Wicca, Witchcraft, Magic, Ceremonial Magic, Divination and more.
We have so much more as well! Dream Catchers, Sun-Catchers, Altar Cloths and
Scrying Bowls. Wont you take a beautiful and magickal drive through the beauty of
the High Peaks of the Adirondacks and come say hello? Susan and I (Pete) Hope to
fellowship with you soon.
Many blessings to you fellow traveler.
Blessed Be.