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The area's unique pastoral and mountainous landscape, its storied history as a Revolutionary War hub, and the region's endless opportunity for outdoor recreation all combine to make it a little piece of paradise. It's an extraordinary place to call home.

Two women enjoy a meal inside an Adirondack cafe.


Breweries, local food, distilleries, restaurants, and community dinners - the Champlain Valley is the breadbasket of the Adirondacks. Local farms and farm stores are around every corner and the region’s restaurants and breweries take full advantage of fresh seasonal offerings.

The Lake Champlain Bridge at Crown Point can be seen from many places on the Lake Champlain coast.

Outdoor recreation

Hiking, boating, biking, fishing, paddling, swimming, skiing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, hunting, and bird watching are all out your front door in the Champlain Valley. Explore Lake Champlain’s 80 islands and 490 square miles of water. If playing on land is your thing, New York’s Adirondack region offers over 3.1 million acres of public land for a diversity of recreation options.

A sunset over a wide lake, with sky and water lit up in shades of pink and red.

Beauty and scenery

This region is nestled tightly between America’s 13th largest lake and the Adirondack Mountains. Morning sunrises over Lake Champlain and Vermont’s Green Mountains will motivate you to start your day early and explore all the region has to offer. The pastoral landscape of the valley is back-dropped by the Adirondack High Peaks to the west and rolling hills dominate in every direction.

An array of costumed reenactors participate in a mock battle.

History is everywhere!

The Champlain Valley is a hub of history. Lake Champlain is a 107 mile-long inter-connected waterway that served as a highway for goods and transportation between Quebec and New York for much of its post-European history. As such, the region was a major theatre of the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812. The Champlain Valley was also the first American region to embrace industrialization in the early 1800s. Numerous museums and military sites celebrate this diverse history today.

Timeless recreation possibilities in the Lake Champlain Region.

By the numbers

  • Nearly 21,000 people call the Champlain Region their full-time home.  Tens of thousands more move into the region seasonally.
  • Local stakeholders donated $173,500 in 2016 to Champlain Area Trails, a local non-profit that has built 42 miles of hiking and cross-country skiing trains in the region.
  • 2,287 Cows can be found at the Champlain Region’s 243 farms.
  • Over 900 businesses are located in the Adirondack Coast.
  • The region consists of over 100 miles of Lake Champlain coastline.

Seeking to relocate to the Lake Champlain Region? There are a variety of available resources to make your transition easier. Check out this directory of Lake Champlain real estate services for starters.


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