Saying "I Do" Along the Adirondack Coast

Planning the perfect wedding can be a daunting task particularly if you are opting for an outdoor setting or something a bit non-traditional. The big decision may have been made, but that decision is immediately followed by a myriad of others. Ranking high at the top of the “what to choose” list, right along with the ideal dress or gown, is the “where” will this all take place. Picking the appropriate dress may be easy in comparison. The bride recognizes it instantly. It fits, it flatters and reflects her personality. Choosing the right location can be a bit more difficult, but it should “fit” as well. The Lake Champlain Region has the answer for any couple into nature, scenic beauty, history or outdoor recreation. 

Most of the Decorating is Done 

For starters, how about that backdrop! There are dozens of settings for an outdoor wedding with majestic mountain horizons in the distance - symbolic of a beautiful future. If you and your guests have no problem with mobility and hiking is on everyone’s list of favorite activities, consider one of the Champlain Area Tails that end on a mountain top, more symbolism. The path you are about to take may take a little effort, but it certainly will be worth it and you will have the support of family and friends along the way. Big Hollow, Bald Peak, and Coon Mountain trails spring to mind, but there are many others to consider. Granted, this would not suit every couple or wedding guest, but would be a perfect fit for others. I recall attending a wedding on top of Big Hollow a few years ago. It was one of those fabulous, crystal clear summer days. Sight distance is phenomenal from the top of this mountain. Looking east, we could see the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We also had an unexpected guest, a bald eagle. I am certain that everyone present still vividly remembers this wedding. 

A Meaningful Place

If you, or your spouse-to-be, are interested in military history, are a veteran, or just a fan of the incredible scenic beauty of the Champlain Valley the Crown Point State Historic Site may be the best choice. This park hosts many weddings. The grounds are meticulously cared for and there is a fantastic view in every direction. Early-arriving guests will be entertained with the view while awaiting the ceremony. The British Fort ruins make a stunning backdrop that contrasts with all the wedding finery. The French Fort foundation sits closer to the Lake Champlain shoreline and looks north across the water. From here, both the Adirondack and Green Mountains are clearly visible as well as the picturesque Lake Champlain Bridge. There is ample parking and a level surface to erect a very large event tent if desired. Also on the park grounds is a picnic pavilion that could accommodate a small to moderate-sized wedding group. (Click here for a virtual tour of the site.) Note: re-enactments and events are held here throughout the summer season, it would be wise to plan and reserve well in advance. Contact the site for information.

Colonial Garden Setting

Located in Elizabethtown, the Adirondack History Center Museum has a large, superb Colonial Garden available for outdoor garden style weddings. Fenced in the classic Colonial white, it is surrounded with shade trees and tall hedges. The boundaries delineate a privileged, secluded personal space for the wedding party and guests. It also features brick and stone paved walks to keep any high heels steady. Typical of this Colonial style, the garden conveys symmetry, balance and structure in its design.  Therefore, it is perfect for couples who strive for similar in their lives and relationships, or those who seek something a bit more formal than a mountain top. This garden also has a tea-house style gazebo for a perfect ceremonial focal point. Bonus: A wide variety of flowering perennials, annuals and shrubs will be waiting to assist with the decorating on the big day. Contact the museum to reserve or for additional information. 

Casually Elegant Resort Setting

Offering additional superb views in every direction is the Normandie Beach Resort. This location would be a great choice for those who might desire a bit more assistance with the planning and preparations. Situated on a Lake Champlain peninsula within the Town of Westport, this resort has everything needed on site, including spectacular sunsets. Here the friendly and helpful staff has weddings under complete control. They are prepared to assist with budgeting, menu planning, cake and photography arrangements, lodging for out of town guests, children’s activities and more. Golf carts are available to transport grandmother to the ceremony or around the expansive grounds. Docking would allow guests to even arrive by boat. On site restaurants, lodging, water recreation and pool offer guests a true Adirondack vacation if they would like to extend their stay.


Adirondack Country Setting

The Penfield Homestead Museum is situated in Ironville, within the Town of Crown Point. This location has significant ties to the Civil War. The USS Monitor was clad in iron from the nearby mines at Hammondville. This museum is actually a collection of buildings: houses, a church, and carriage barn. It offers a more country-rustic setting for the many weddings it hosts annually. It would be a perfect location for Civil War buffs too. A large open pavilion easily accommodates large crowds and live entertainment. This pavilion houses all the dining and entertainment for the large crowds attending the annual Heritage Day Chicken Barbeque and AppleFolkFest. A covered barbeque pit is adjacent if barbeque is on your reception menu. If this setting sounds appealing contact the museum for more information.

Park Settings

Just about every community within the region has a Town Park, often with a bandstand or gazebo that you might find the perfect space for a small, intimate wedding event. Train buffs could consider the bandstand in the Port Henry-Moriah Town Park. An historic LC&M engine, car and caboose are on display. This park also is next to Port Henry’s Amtrak station which may be convenient for arriving guests.

Bicentennial Park is conveniently located within the downtown area of Ticonderoga. It borders the La Chute River and its awesome Bicentennial Falls, a perfect backdrop for wedding photos. The covered Kissing Bridge, crossing the La Chute, or the large bandstand in the park would make an ideal ceremony setting. Contact the Town Offices in each community to learn about availability of their parks or to reserve.

I hope you found a few ideas for your unique and special day. We invite you to make the Adirondack Coast your memorable wedding destination. Check our website business directory for all your needs including catering, florists, photography, salon, and supplies. Your guests will want to look over our lodging, dining, attraction and recreation opportunities to expand their visit. 

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