Summer is legendary in the Lake Champlain Region

Of all the seasons around here, we get the most pumped for summer. While we love our winter fun, when May rolls around we’re ready to sluff off our snow pants and hop into a pair of shorts! Each summer in New York's Lake Champlain Region is more memorable than the last. Slipping a canoe into the water, taking the first swim of the season, or visiting one of our local ice cream shops to kickstart your stay will make you just as excited for summer as us! Enjoy historic New York landmarks, hikes, trails, or our rich farming culture by trying a farm-to-table meal. With so much to do, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of fun, both on land and water.

Two women paddle out onto the lake in kayaks

On the lake 

Stepping onto Lake Champlain's beaches, or your own waterfront dock, is one of the most freeing feelings you’ll have. Lake Champlain is so big, you would almost think it's an ocean! (it’s not, don’t worry) Home to fishing, boating, kayaking, you get the idea. Experience private, tucked away beaches or visit the numerous public swimming areas that dot the lake. Even get a campsite that has direct lake access, so no time is wasted getting out on the water. Make sure to visit more than one area of the lake when fishing, you never know what species likes to hangout around the lake! The bass fishery here is exceptional, ranking among the top 5 in Bassmaster's best bass lakes in the Northeast. 

In the hills

The Champlain Valley hosts hundreds of miles of hiking trails. Your possible paths will weave through scenic waterways, pass by bogs and marshes perfect for birding, and even reach the summits of some of the Adirondacks finest foothills. Champlain Area Trails, or CATS as it's known by the locals, is consistently adding new trails that lead to unique viewpoints or through interesting ecosystems, all of which offer solitude not commonly found on such easily accessible trails. Make a day out of exploring the trails at Split Rock Wild Forest, the regions biggest area of undeveloped land, or read about local wildlife on informational signage found along the Boquet Mountain Trail!

Fort Ticonderoga overlooking the lake

Explore history 

As if being nestled between the Adirondack mountains and a giant lake weren’t enough, the Lake Champlain Region is home to a piece of America’s rich history. Fort Ticonderoga is the site of the first offensive victory for American forces in the Revolutionary War. The fort held valuable ammo, guns, and location, all crucial for the Americans to fight an even bigger battle in Boston. The siege of Fort Ticonderoga ultimately led to America’s independence, secured in 1776. The site holds endless amounts of history to be discovered, and so do the surrounding hamlets. Make sure to check out nearby Essex, Keeseville, and Westport to fully dive into the region's history!


Lake Champlain, our region’s namesake, is pretty legendary. All the fun to be had on the water aside, the Lake Champlain region has its own legends that run things around here. Champ, or Champy, is our resident monster. Said to be a horned serpent that lives in the depths of the lake, sightings of Champ date back to the first residents of the area. Old Native American stories confirm sightings of the monster. Champ is actually older than the Loch ness monster, whose first sightings weren’t recorded until 1933! Modern sightings of Champ started in Port Henry back in 1819. The area is still perfect to launch your own Champ search, you might even be able to add your name to the big board of Champ sightings by the end of your stay!

Black cows line up in a fenced pasture

Farm life

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Lake Champlain Region is farms, lots and lots of farms! After visiting the thick forests and steep mountains of the Adirondacks, you’ll find rolling hills and flat plains surrounding Lake Champlain, home to plenty of crops, animals, and people too. Developed over centuries by farmers of the past, the culture of nurturing and taking care of the land rings true all over the region. In summer, try a taste of the work of our farms, with all kinds of fruits, produce, meat, and even home brews of beer, wine, honey, and cheese. Take part in the tradition by attending our seasonal events like the Essex County Fair or stopping by one of many farm stores. Each town boasts their own farmers markets during the season so make sure to be on the lookout while you’re out exploring.

Where is the Lake Champlain Region?
Along the shores of expansive Lake Champlain, we're just a few hours from major cities in the Northeast, including Albany, Boston, Montreal, and New York. Legendary lakes, forts, museums, and adventure are within easy reach!
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