Playing In Lake Champlain

By Land or By Lake

As we bid adieu to the hot summer days and welcome the cooler fall season, the Lake Champlain Region ramps up with a variety of outdoor activities. You can golf our greens, hike or bike our miles of trails, take a leisurely scenic drive along the Adirondack Coast, or choose to visit one of our many historic sites. Start planning your autumn outing today!

What's your early fall look like?

Hike, Golf , Bike, and Explore the Champlain Valley This Fall 

For golfers, we offer six finely manicured golf courses for all different levels. On two-wheels or four, the area's quiet country roads offer outstanding views of the changing of the leaves, the surrounding mountains, and of course, Lake Champlain. Hikers experience the peace of being surrounded by nature and discovering unsurpassed views from above. From atop our region's mountains, you'll be able to see the Adirondack High Peaks, Vermont's Green Mountains, and our own great Lake with its beautiful islands; and you'll feel like Samuel de Champlain, discovering the region for the first time. No matter your outdoor activity of choice, Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Coast paint an exceptional backdrop.

Winter Weather

Cold weather doesn't slow down our activities! In fact, we have several special events and regional traditions that are just waiting for you to partake in. From miles and miles of snowshoe and cross-country ski trails, to ice-climbing and ice-fishing, grab your cold weather gear and plan your next trip to the Champlain Coast. 

Not one to play in the cold? How about a little sight-seeing? Take in the hundreds of ice shanties dotting the coastline. Grab a warm beverage and cuddle up with a fleece blanket as you gaze out at the Lake from an historic Inn.

Discover Lake Champlain’s Historic Past

A visit to Lake Champlain wouldn't be complete without a stop at its famous historic sites. Some of the most significant battles of the Revolutionary War took place along the lake at the Forts of Ticonderoga and Crown Point, of which both were regional strongholds. Artillery and war-era relics still reside in local museums. During the summer, treasure hunters and explorers can plunge into the depths of Lake Champlain, and scuba diving tours will show you the preserved artifacts leftover from the revolution.