Playing In Lake Champlain

Cool weather on the Adirondack Coast

The Lake Champlain Region's cool weather activities are in full swing with a variety of events for the whole family and a slew of outdoor activities to keep your days busy.


Cooler temps mean lots of warm-me-up activities! In fact, we have several special events and regional traditions that are just waiting for you to partake in. Start the cooler season off with apple picking, hiking, and corn mazes, then join us as we transition into cross-country skiing, skating, and ice fishing.

Not one for adventure? How about a little sightseeing? Take in the views from the comfort of your vehicle as you navigate our scenic roads, or grab a warm beverage and gaze across the lake from one of our lakeside restaurants.

Discover Lake Champlain’s historic past

A visit to Lake Champlain wouldn't be complete without a stop at its famous historic sites. Some of the most significant battles of the Revolutionary War took place along the lake at the Forts of Ticonderoga and Crown Point, of which both were regional strongholds. Artillery and war-era relics still reside in local museums. 

If you're planning ahead to visit in the summer, treasure hunters and explorers can plunge into the depths of Lake Champlain, and scuba diving tours will show you the preserved artifacts leftover from the revolution.