Some things just go together perfectly: peanut butter and jelly, chips and salsa, pancakes and REAL Adirondack maple syrup, the list is endless! The perfect pairing might also include an adventure: paddling on a calm lake, hiking a mountain to see the perfect sunrise, or a personal favorite, cycling through the hills of the Lake Champlain Region to discover a beautiful waterfall.

With no shortage of cycling trails or waterfalls, you're sure to strike gold with this combo and have a great time! Below are some of our favorite rides that lead to or pass by stunning waterfalls. No bike? No problem! All of these routes can be enjoyed via car ride! 

A woman cycling through the hills during morning

Penfield Pond along Creek Rd (County Route 2) to see Stair Falls

Located along County Route 2 between Ironville and Crown Point, Staircase Falls is a beautiful stop to make on your ride. The falls get their name from the stair-like rock features that jut out while the water cascades down, creating the illusion of a staircase. The bike ride itself is an easy 9 mile meander along the paved road. The road is slightly narrow in some parts, so use caution when riding in areas without a shoulder.

Woman cycling

Bicentennial Falls at Bicentennial Park

In the town of Ticonderoga lies the LaChute River, home to five different waterfalls, not all accessible by bike. The largest and most well-known is Bicentennial Falls, located right along the main street. This waterfall offers a perfect opportunity to cycle through town along Montcalm Street and stop in Bicentennial Park for a picnic with the falls as your backdrop. This cycle is perfect for people of all ages! Afterward, you can continue your ride through and around town. If you’re interested in exploring more of the LaChute River, you can park your bike at the trailhead and take the under-two-mile interpretive walk to enjoy it further.

Image of Bicentennial falls in Ticonderoga

Boquet River: Westport to Wadhams to view Wadhams Falls; near Dogwood Bread Co.

Enjoy the ride between Westport and Wadhams as you travel along rolling hills, passing local farms and farm stands. In Wadhams, you’ll arrive at Wadhams Falls, a beautiful waterfall located right in town by the library and just down the road from Dogwood Bread Co. If you need a treat before heading back out, this is a great place to stop! You can choose to head back the way you came or take the longer Westport Loop, which takes you around Elizabethtown and Lincoln Pond, through Mineville, and then back to Westport. The loop is roughly 32 miles long and fully paved.

Wadhams Falls near Westport

Split Rock Falls- Elizabethtown

Located right off Route 9 in Elizabethtown, you’ll find Split Rock Falls. This popular spot is perfect for a break, whether you’re riding or not! As you cycle past, there’s a great turn-off where you can stop to take a few pictures or walk down to the water for a dip on a hot summer day. You can continue your ride into Elizabethtown to enjoy everything the town has to offer, or you can head towards Keene and Lake Placid to explore further north. This cycle tour is roughly 30 miles long if you choose to go all the way to Keene, it is all paved and a great bike ride to take! 

Split Rock falls in Elizabethtown

The best part about all these rides? They can be done by anyone and can be easily accessible! If you choose to drive your car around instead of riding your bike, don't forget to take a few pics to document your journey! A few other waterfalls you should be sure to check out in the region are Willsboro Falls in Willsboro and Rainbow Falls at Ausable Chasm! 

As you enjoy the amazing Lake Champlain landscape it's important to remember to; be safe, have fun, and share the road! Happy cycling!


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