Ahhh, summer in the Lake Champlain Region: sunny days of fishing, boating, and swimming. Dockside dining and peak hiking, historic adventures, and farm fresh fun. In a place filled with sparkling freshwater activities and the rugged wonder of the Adironadack Mountains, summer is a stunning season. We've put together seven ways to explore and enjoy the bounty of the Lake Champlain Region, perfect for your next summer getaway.


With a lake in the name, you can bet that fishing is a favorite activity! Lake Champlain is famous for it's fantastic fishing, including trophy-worthy bass, trout, and landlocked salmon. Beyond the long expanse of Lake Champlain, there are numerous ponds and rivers that offer exceptional fishing, as well. From fly fishing to kid-friendly spots, the amazing fishing here has to be experienced to be believed!


There's something so special about hiking: the challenge, the time spent in the fresh air, the magic of unique views from the summit. Hiking in the Lake Champlain Region has all that, with a wonderful variety of options, from low elevation hikes that offer beauty without the exhaustion, to the awesome challenge of higher, steeper peaks. Whatever your speed, gorgeous adventures await!


With a lake as large, expansive, and historic as Lake Champlain, it would be easy to spend your entire summer on the water! The fishing here is lively, with big bass taking center stage, the boating is dreamy, and family-oriented beaches dot the shore. Smaller lakes, rivers, and ponds sparkle for visitors looking for a quieter adventure. With boat and gear rentals throughout the area, all you need to do is get ready for the fun!


In the Lake Champlain Region, you don't just learn about our remarkable past, you get to live it. We love to celebrate our history: the people and events that have made the region what it is today in exciting, engaging, immersive ways. From the battlements of Fort Ticonderoga to the plains of the Crown Point State Historic Site, historic sites to living museums, step into the past and experience the region as it was during its earliest days.


The Lake Champlain Region is full of places to explore. From the walls of Fort Ticonderoga, to one of the country's oldest natural attractions, we're sure you'll find plenty to keep you busy this summer. The word "vacation" was invented here, remember?


Mouth-watering. Scrumptious. In the Lake Champlain Region, the fields, valleys, and mountains, even the waterways themselves, have long provided residents and visitors with deliciousness. Small, family-run farms are abundant, with a focus on growing and producing high-quality foods. Here, you can tour a farm, sample fresh ingredients, stroll the farmers market, pick up a few fresh treats to take home, and dine at a farm-to-table restaurant, all in one unforgettable day.



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