Split Rock Falls
44.126242, -73.653481
Route 9, Elizabethtown
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This roadside waterfall will leave you speechless! It's beauty is simply unmatched.

How to get there

From Exit 30 off I-87, follow Route 9 north toward Elizabethtown. Continue for 4.5 miles to the parking on the right, just after the crossing of the Boquet River.  


Split Rock Falls is a roadside attraction where you can get the full effect of the waterfall with a walk of only about 100 feet. It cannot be seen from the parking lot or road. The top of the falls gives a nice view of the clear pool below the falls. You can approach the bottom of the falls with a rocky down climb from the trail above the falls. This should be done with care and slow movements, the rock can be very slippery due to mist from the waterfall. A path also leads down to the pool for a nice swim hole and the path also continues to the lower falls, which is a very dangerous location, and should not be done lightly or with children. The view of the lower falls is limited from the path and it is very easy to get tempted to go to close to the top. 


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