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Trout and Round Ponds

A pleasant woods walk to Trout Pond, with a trail that follows half of the pond's shoreline. Trailhead: The Ensign Pond Road/Route 4 trailhead offers the easiest access. From the intersection of Route 9 and Route 4, go 6.2 miles northeast and look for...

Stair Falls

Stair Falls, also known as Staircase Falls, is located on Putnam Creek along with a series of other falls. This charming series of falls cascades over stair-like steps, which is how it got it's name. While you're on the lookout for all the Falls...

The Moriah Challenge

Complete the Moriah Challenge and earn a patch!  

The Moriah Hiking Challenge is a quartet of Champlain Area Trails (CATS) hikes that lead to rocky summits, a firetower, and a backcountry body of water. Completing the challenge will not only earn you a patch, but connect you with the local community that these hikes are located in.

The four hikes

Hikers must complete all four local Champlain Area Trails (CATS) hikes, which include:

Wadham Falls

Wadhams Falls is a large flume falls on the Bouquet River in the center of Wadhams. This waterfall is visible from the road, Rt 22, which makes it a perfect stop for families. This beautiful little water fall has been generating electrical power for...

Carver Road Trail

This easy, 4-mile round-trip trail follows an abandoned road through the forest west of Long Pond in the town of Willsboro. The south trailhead on Reber Road is 1.7 miles west of Route 22. The north trailhead on Carver Road is 0.8 mile west of Route 22.


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