There will be weather

Here in the Lake Champlain Region, winter weather can mean many things. When we're planning our cold weather outings, we love to imagine that we'll be spending our time under the picture-perfect blue skies of one of those glorious "bluebird" winter days, a thick blanket of sparkly snow covering everything, with just-right outdoor conditions for whatever adventure it is we're cooking up. Peeking into the weather forecast can be something entirely different than we had imagined. There are all of those sayings about how there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate gear. Or that the weather always looks worse through a window. But the truth is that sometimes the weather just isn't cooperating with your plans and that stinks, especially when you've been looking forward to a big adventure that depends on a good base of snow that just hasn't managed to materialize.

Fortunately, there are plenty of fun and interesting things to do in the Lake Champlain Region, so if you find yourself in weather that isn't quite working out for your original plan, you can easily switch to an alternate plan and still have the best time ever. As one of the local meteorologists likes to joke; yes, you can always count on the weather – that is, there is sure to be weather. Whether it's the weather you were hoping for is yet to be determined.

If you find that you need an alternate or last-minute activity, here are just a few ideas for you:

Whallonsburg Grange Hall and Whitcomb's Garage

Attend a movie, listen to a speaker, or participate in a fun workshop at the beautifully restored, century-old Whallonsburg Grange Hall or adjacent Whitcomb's Garage in Essex. Offering a year-round calendar of events that includes concerts, movies, plays, lectures, workshops, and even open mic events, you're sure to find something engaging that will be a super fun, must-attend addition to your list! 

A group of people perform on a stage to a group of onlookers
Photo courtesy of Whallonsburg Grange Hall

Ti Arts Gallery

Browse the  Monochrome Photography Show at Ti Arts Gallery. The current exhibit showcases the work of ten artists, whose photographic skills, creativity, and dedication to the craft are displayed beautifully on the gallery's walls. Monochrome photography is a special and interesting form of photography and seems especially striking viewed during this time of year, when the outdoors often takes on its own monochromatic look.

A man stands next to a camera on a tripod in front of a display of monochrome photos hung in a gallery at Ti Arts: Downtown Gallery
Photo courtesy of Ti Arts: Downtown Gallery

CATS Trails

Snow, ice, dry leaves, rocks, roots, squishy, slippery, and frozen mud – Adirondack trails have it all! The Champlain Area Trails are open year-round and many low-elevation hikes are spectacularly fun and beautiful, no matter the weather. Even when the weather seems relatively stable, trails can display a variety of conditions, so to be sure you have a safe and comfortable outing, arrive well-prepared for a variety of conditions (keep those micro spikes handy!). For a hike with spectacular views that will be fun for a wide range of ages and skill levels, try Belfry Mountain, or if you're looking for a more challenging hike (also with awe-inspiring views), opt for Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain.

A view from Poke-O-Moonshine mountain, with a sea of snowy mountains and Lake Champlain in the distance

War Cannon Spirits

If you're in the mood for an upbeat evening of live music and dancing, or just need a cozy spot to regroup and re-plan, check out War Cannon Spirits in Crown Point. Located in what many know as the "old Agway Building", this beautifully renovated venue serves up a menu of tasty eats and coffeehouse treats in addition to its impressively creative drink menu that includes house-made spirits. Check in often on War Cannon Spirits' events calendar to see what fun happenings are in the works!

A lighted neon sign displays the War Cannon Spirits logo

Of course, there's always the opportunity to explore the area by way of shopping, dining, and general sightseeing. (Or go on a search for Champ, everyone's favorite lake monster!) Keep an eye on the Lake Champlain Region events calendar for updates and additions, and no matter the weather and your choice of activity, we wish you a happy and safe visit to the Lake Champlain Region!


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