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I love browsing in art galleries. Whether I'm looking for a gift a friend would love, or if I see something that calls to me in a way I never expected, our Adirondack combination of art and nature is always a pleasing sight.

And we have plenty of lovely nature to provide inspiration.

Eagle Lake reflects a beautiful day.

From wildlife to forests, from the big lake to a small pond, there's opportunity all around for many kinds of artists.

Downtown browsing

My visit to Ticonderoga Arts Gallery was excellently timed, because they were also displaying the members' exhibition of the Upper Hudson Valley Watercolor Society.

I love this medium, and there is much fine work to view.

Many lovely watercolors at the Upper Hudson Valley Watercolor Society show.

Watercolor means working fast to capture the scene, since the purest colors are an expression of how confident the artist was. Unlike oil painting, which can be fussed over and tweaked almost indefinitely, watercolor lands on the paper the way it has to be.

Any attempts at correction will muddy the colors and blur the crisp shapes.

This painting, "Fall Reflections," is a wonderful example of both our blazing fall color and the talent in the area.

The regular gallery space has a wide range of possible expression. There's jewelry, handpainted glass, and knitted alpaca goods along with paintings, photography, and beautifully carved wooden bowls.

Ticonderoga Arts Gallery has lovely ways of enjoying our combination of art and nature.

The display space flows from one setting to another, so it is easy to find items of interest.

I like related sets of subjects for display, and these are wonderfully bright and cheerful.

With plenty of literal local color.

Lake Champlain is another popular subject.

Just steps away from Burleigh's Luncheonette, a favorite diner, this gallery is part of a walkable downtown with many interesting places to explore.

Seaside heritage

Moving north, my visit to the Westport Heritage House was while they have their "Spirit of Place" exhibit. This gallery and visitor center is in an old church with a lovely view of Lake Champlain.

The space is lovely to walk in and is a piece of history itself.

Westport blends art and history for their celebration of what is special about Westport.

Art of all kinds celebrates Westport history, which began with the 18th century. The harbor was popular for commercial traffic. When that began to give way to alternate methods of transit, it remained the recreational boating center it is today.

Early examples of the home trades are in the main room of the church, which still retains its pews and lovely stained glass windows.

An old church is the lovely structure for exploring Westport's past.

The folks here have updated their Walking Tour of Westport, a favorite way of mine to explore this picturesque town, and learn about its history and architecture.

Tour the lovely town and see how the architecture tells the story of how the town developed.

Choose from walking, cycling, or driving routes for lovely scenery, especially sights that are a bit off the beaten path.

This view is one of the finest along the coast, since Westport is a popular sailing destination.

Track down the old grist mill and learn more about the grand houses overlooking the waterfront. The routes all set out from Heritage House itself.

This old grist mill was built on the shore between what is now the Old Beach and the Marina in the 1820s.

For art to take home, visit ATEA Ring Gallery.

Stunning setting

This was my first visit to Adirondack Art Association Gallery in Essex, but it certainly will not be my last.

This art gallery has indoor and outdoor displays.

This beautiful old home is filled with lovely treasures, and is located downtown with a view of Lake Champlain.

Pottery and glass are favored mediums at Adirondack Art Association Gallery.

While browsing all the beautiful items, large and small, don't neglect to go down the stairs in back to see the sculpture garden.

The garden has striking sculptures and water views.

This gorgeous setting near the Essex Ferry docks shows off the nature themes of many of the sculptures.

The sculpture garden has views of the Essex Dock and the distant mountains.

See why I have to come back?

Even more

While this was a full, fun day, I still have destinations leftover for another trek. By going further north, I can visit Adirondack Architectural Heritage and their art gallery. By heading west, I could visit Elizabethtown, which has the Rosenberg Art Gallery inside the Adirondack History Center Museum.

There's beauty all around us, of course, but often it takes an effort to leave our "usual" to see it. Vacation time is a great time to make that happen.

Find a place to stay. Enjoy our dining. Explore more art attractions.

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