Sensing Fall…More than Just Pumpkin Spice

Blog by Erin Mullen, Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce 

Sensing fall…more than just pumpkin spice

Some call it fall. Some call it autumn. However, for many of us this is pumpkin spice season. Pumpkin spice is everywhere. It’s in the foods we eat, the beverages we drink, the aromas we smell. It. Is. EVERYWHERE!  

As a whole-hearted pumpkin spice devotee, I decided to take the drastic step of putting aside my pumpkin spice candles, cereals, snacks, pumpkin decor, and my favorite — the original obsession — the pumpkin spice latte, to see what else this season has in store for my senses and yours. Adventuring around the Ticonderoga area with my family, I was able to find that there is more to fall than pumpkin spice.


Of course, fall foliage was at the top of our list of “must sees.” Luckily for us, there are a number of different vantage points that allow for fantastic views of the area. The Champlain Bridge offers 360-degree views of Lake Champlain, the Crown Point State Historic Site (which includes Fort St. Frederic) and the New York and Vermont borders.

The walk over the bridge is part of the Champlain Area Trails (CATS) system, is noted to be 1 mile round trip, and wheelchair accessible. Even with overcast skies, my 4-year-old son, Isaac, and I were able to able to enjoy fantastic views and touches of foliage. Isaac particularly enjoyed running after big trucks and tractors crossing the bridge, and as the pedestrian walkway is entirely closed from traffic, I felt completely safe letting him do so. While he was busy tiring himself out, I enjoyed some leaf peeping.


One of my favorite parts of this time of year is decorating for the season. Tromblee’s Greenhouse in Crown Point has everything your home needs to feel like fall. From beautiful mums to autumn décor, they have fall décor covered inside and out. Upon entering the store, I couldn’t resist the mulled cider candle that I smelled when I entered. It fills my house with an apple aroma that just might trick any unknowing visitor into thinking I spent some time in the kitchen.

Stepping inside the Country Florist and Gifts was a treat for my nose. Between the many beautiful fall floral arrangements, mums of every size and color, and the wonderful variety of scented candles, it was hard to pick a favorite. As a sucker for sunflowers, I happily returned home with a bouquet of flowers.

A visit to Sugar and Spice Country Shoppe smelled like stepping into heaven. I was almost distracted by their magnificent array of seasonal décor and gifts, but I managed to beeline toward a display of scented tarts. Nutmeg and Cream. Fall Harvest. Carmel Corn? YES! Carmel Corn! That was the clear victor for me.


Is there any sound better than that of crunching leaves? As the season progresses, Ticonderoga has no shortage of leafy paths to check out. While the LaChute River Trail offers beautiful views of the LaChute River in a peaceful setting, my personal favorite is the nature trail at the Ticonderoga Elementary School. At just about half a mile, this trail is the perfect length for little ones to tromp around without getting too tired. My 2-year-old son, James, enjoyed scooting through the fallen leaves, making them crunch as loud as his little feet would allow.


I am of the opinion that dessert is good any time of the day. The Hot Biscuit Diner has a great selection of seasonal pies and homemade baked goods. Their pies are so good you just might want to start your meal with a slice. 

Any visit to the Candy Corner with Isaac ends with him carrying a bag of his favorite lollipops and me leaving with fudge…”to share.” On our most recent stop there, he was mesmerized by the giant chocolate turkey that could be won by bringing in a non-perishable food item. 

The bakery at Gunnison’s Orchard in Crown Point is home to a popular treat for my family…apple cider donuts! Gunnison’s donuts are delicious and are available in plain and cinnamon and sugar. There are also donut holes in both varieties. They smelled so good, it did not take much work from Isaac to convince me to try one before we left! 


The Ticonderoga Area is home to many great restaurants that capitalize on fall and local flavors. Burleigh’s Luncheonette, Wagon Wheel Restaurant, Burgoyne Grill at The Best Western, Emeralds II, Wind Chill Factory, Eddie’s Restaurant, Olive’s Ti Pi, Madden’s Pub…so many to choose from!

If you are ready to visit the Ticonderoga Area this season, the Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce would be happy to help you plan your fall outings!

In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed discovering what the Ticonderoga area offers the senses for fall. With many opportunities and events celebrating the season, it is a great time to be in the Lake Champlain Region. Although, for as much appreciation as I’ve acquired for fall, I’ve realized this will always be pumpkin spice season for me. Time to head out to grab a pumpkin spice latte!


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