Updated: March 2022

The Lake Champlain Region is home to numerous ponds, rivers, and, of course, the big lake itself. Knowledgeable anglers know that all of these bodies of water offer terrific fishing opportunities, but here are five Lake Champlain Region fishing facts for the rest of us!  

1. There’s a fish hatchery that you can visit!

The Essex County Fish Hatchery is located in Crown Point, and is open to the public. The hatchery raises rainbow, brook, and brown trout and releases approximately 50,000 one- and two-year-old trout in the region’s waters each season to augment the fish stocked by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation! 

2. It’s all about the bass

The Bassmaster Tournament Series consistently ranks Lake Champlain in its list of top 100 bass fisheries, where quantity, quality, and even scenery are important factors. In fact, Lake Champlain has ranked in the top 25 several times, and was even awarded fifth place in 2012. 

A woman fishes from the shoreline

3. Two for one

In our area, Lake Champlain meets the shores of both Vermont and New York, but one license will work for both states! In 2004, a reciprocal license agreement went into effect, allowing for an angler to fish with either a Vermont or New York fishing license in portions of Lake Champlain as described by law. That means all of the gear you buy at Norm's Bait and Tackle is good all across the lake.

4. Fishing season is all four

Seasons, that is. Spring, summer, and fall are all great times to fish. In winter, of course, that includes ice fishing, which for the initiated can be accomplished while simultaneously practicing your figure skating tricks. Reach out to one of our numerous bait shops and guides for info on fishing year-round.

5. Champ, the Lake Champlain Monster, is off limits to fishermen

No, really. Legislation passed in the early 1980s regarding Champ. Vermont's state House and New York's state Assembly and Senate have all passed resolutions protecting Champ. Port Henry (the official home of Champ) declared its waters off the Adirondack Coast a safe haven for the lake creature. That’s why you won’t learn about any Champ-specific lures from the local licensed guides.

An aerial shot of the Crown Point Bridge shows the vibrant blue of Lake Champlain

Make plans to stay for a while and drop a line — you'll soon learn why this is such a popular part of the Adirondacks for fishing! 


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