Note: this blog was written in 2022 and was updated in January 2023.

We see you! Scrolling around, looking for the best bang for your buck, and booking a winter trip. Let us stop you right there. We’ll save you the work and let you in on a little secret. You want a peaceful winter getaway, but you’re still after the big views. You want to do multiple activities and really get the most out of your winter trip. We’ll also just assume that you’re after a real Adirondack experience while you’re at it. Look no further. Ausable Chasm fits the bill.

A man and woman in snowshoes and winter clothing look out at the bridge spanning Ausable Chasm

So much to do

As the snow continues to fly, a thin white blanket covers the massive walls of Ausable Chasm. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the quiet of the Adirondack wilderness without spending a whole day hiking to some remote lake, a winter visit to Ausable Chasm should be on your shortlist of winter adventures. This place is guaranteed to knock your socks off no matter how tight you strap those snowshoes.

A man and a woman sit on a bench, tightening their snowshoes.

With so much to see, it’s amazing that it stays this quiet all winter long. The good news is that this enormous natural phenomenon will often be yours alone. With the chasm to all yourself, stroll amongst the pines of the Rim Trail at your own pace. Spend the whole day meandering along the paths and balconies overlooking the gorgeous ice formations, or go as fast as you can to get out of the cold. It’s your choice.

A man and woman make their way down the stairs that line the side of the chasm. You can see the length of the chasm behind them.

For secret insight into the most interesting views, history, and quirks of the chasm, take a guided tour into the Inner Sanctum. This trail runs along natural stone walkways deep in the chasm itself. Take this hike, to get closer to the geological and ice formations, and get ready to see just how big this place really is.

Two people stand on a bridge that spans the width of the chasm, smiling in awe of the incredibly large chasm walls.

After a brief existential crisis about the size of the world, get back up top and cap the day off with a relaxing cross-country ski. When winter comes, the pines behind the Ausable Chasm campground become a perfect place to unwind. After all, there’s no better way to absorb all those epic views than with a peaceful slide through the woods. 

A man and a woman reach an intersection in the cross country ski trails, indicated by numerous signs designating different paths they could choose.

My experience

I had experienced Ausable Chasm in the fall, but come winter, I was awestruck. Snow collects on every small edge and crevice, highlighting the scale of the walls. Snowshoeing along the walkways atop the chasm, I stopped at each lookout. Each vantage point provides a totally unique view of the chasm. Some place you out over the river, allowing you to see all the way down to the next bend in the chasm’s path. Others stop across from giant frozen waterfalls or interesting column of rock

A man stands on a metal bridge laughing at the enormity of the ice formations around him.

Ausable Chasm is alive and breathing. The water level changes. The ice grows and shrinks, and the seasons change the views dramatically. Even if you’ve made a visit in the warmer months, I highly recommend making a return after the snow has fallen. 

A framed map of the Ausable Chasm trails is nailed to a tree for hikers and snowshoers to orient themselves with.

Hear some more

Interested in hearing more about Ausable Chasm? Check out this blog from my first visit, or read about how this group spent their day at the chasm. 

Looking to see more photos and videos? Scroll through our Instagram or Facebook to see plenty from Ausable Chasm and the surrounding area. Between great food, cozy places to stay, and legendary outdoor activities, there is plenty to keep you warm on even the cold days.


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