This is a region unlike any other. A place where the natural landscape both inspires and shapes how we live, where the geologically unique Adirondack Mountains meet verdant lowlands and a sprawling lake valley. In partnership with Adirondack Harvest and Cornell Cooperative, the Lake Champlain Region has created three short films that highlight the unique people, places, and natural history of this dynamic landscape, where wilderness and small farms meet and join together.

The Wilderness Farmscape

Explore the dynamic habitats of the Lake Champlain Region, where the Adirondack High Peaks meet plentiful farmland and extensive freshwater. It's a place where wildlife, wilderness, and humans coexist, and communities develop with our natural heritage at the heart.

The Human Experience

We call it home. It's where we live, work, connect with nature, and help build strong communities. Stay for a day, a week, or make this your new home. Our vibrant landscape is waiting for you.

Farms and Wilderness

Farm to forest and farm to fork. The Lake Champlain Region is a delicious blend of preserved wilderness home to wild plants and animals, and lovingly tended farmlands.
Learn more about the Lake Champlain Region's farms, where a love of food and the natural world are central to our way of life, and start planning your visit today.


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