Our Adirondack winters might be long, but that just means we have more time to get outside and have fun! The Lake Champlain Region is full of exciting activities and events that will keep you moving on cool winter days. Whether you’re here to ski, skate, or fish, we’ve got something that will surely heat up your winter.

Cross-country skiing

The trails in the area that are best for skiing are also prime for history, cultural and natural! Venture into the largest tract of undeveloped land on the Lake Champlain coast or ski back in time to Crown Point, where a fort and interpretive trail will guide you through some fascinating aspects of the Revolutionary War. The Champlain Valley has plenty of open fields and trails that will help you scratch any cross-country skiing itches you may have!


During the snowier months, hiking trails become perfect for snowshoeing. The snow-covered forests are just waiting for you to explore! Have you heard of the Fire Tower Challenge? Two of the area’s finest trails lead to fire towers. For a more challenging hike, check out Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain, but the smaller Belfry Mountain should be able to satisfy everyone on your snowshoeing trip. Both have rewarding, 360-degree views. Looking to combine some wildlife viewing with your snowshoe hike? The Wickham Marsh Wildlife Area has good trails for snowshoeing, and plenty of wildlife! Still unsure where to go? Check out Champlain Area Trails’ website to find over 50 different options, ranging from gentle to steep winter workouts. Make some tracks this winter in the Champlain Valley!

Nordic skating

When the temperature dips and the lakes freeze, it can only mean one thing: it’s time to get on the ice! Of course, safety is a primary concern here. Ice that is 4 - 5 inches thick is generally safe enough to support a human, but it’s a good practice to check ice thickness as you go. For those who have a wild sense of adventure, Nordic skating is a really unique way to explore the area’s lakes and ponds. On some days, the ice spreads across the lakes and ponds for miles and miles, every glide as smooth as can be. Need outdoor gear? Check out Adirondack Outdoor Enthusiast in Elizabethtown. The knowledgeable staff will be able to get you prepared for any adventure. 

Ice fishing

No matter the season, Lake Champlain is a angler’s paradise. Again, it’s important to check ice thickness before venturing out on the “hard-water,” but when conditions are right, ice fishing is sublime here. Unsure where to start? Talk to a local guide! They’ll be able to clue you in on what’s biting and where. Head over to Bulwagga Bay where perch and bluegills are usually abundant. Or see what’s biting near the Champlain Bridge — it might be lake trout or salmon. Lake Champlain isn’t the only place where there is great ice fishing! Check out Lincoln Pond or Putnam Pond for a chance to land a monster northern pike.

Fat tire biking

Do you love biking but just can’t give it up in the winter? No worries, the Lake Champlain Region has some excellent places for you to take a ride on a fat tire bike. Perhaps the best place to go is the Blueberry Hill trails in Elizabethtown. Here, wider trails offer miles of options for fat tire bikers, with awesome views along the way! Grab a friend and hit the trails today to try this exciting sport.

There’s more?

There sure is! The Lake Champlain Region has plenty to do this winter. So, why not make a weekend of your trip here? We’ve got inviting B&Bs, dining options for every palate, and quaint boutiques to complement your winter outdoor adventures!