We scoured our blogs for the most popular, most informative, and just downright oddest pieces from the past year. In case you missed them on the first go-round, here are our top 3 picks from Lake Champlain's Adirondack Coast.

#3. Hidden Historical Treasure

In the 1920s a little one-room log cabin was discovered sitting on the ridge on Willsboro Point. It is called the Adsit Cabin and some suspect it may be one of the country's oldest log cabins existing on its original location. Some reports claim as many as 16 family members may have lived in it at the same time. When and by whom was it built?

The Adsit Log Cabin
The Adsit Log Cabin

#2. The Most Famous Brewery That Didn't Exist

It didn’t open until August of 2014, but it was the most widely anticipated addition to this growing farming community in the Lake Champlain region for months before the first beer was tapped. Are you ready to get a true taste of the Coast?  

Ausable Brewing Co.
Ausable Brewing Co.

#1. The Mystery of the Air-Conditioned Road

Locals know it as "the cold spot." Unsuspecting travelers who dare to pass through it unprotected by the hard shell of a car, such as on bicycle, motorcycle, or on foot, will experience a SHARP drop in air temperature while immersed in a dense fog. Ready to discover the secret to this air-conditioned Adirondack phenomenon?

A ghost perhaps?
A ghost perhaps?

 Now... let's see what we can come up with for 2016! Cheers and here's to a great new year of exploring!


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