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Boquet River - Northway to Boquet

The Northway to Boquet section of the Boquet River sweeps under quaint bridges and features beautiful farmland views with distant mountains as a backdrop.

How to get there

Put in location: Latitude: 44.24829; Longitude: -73.50181

Take out location: Latitude: 44.30319; Longitude: -73.40461


This section is 16.6 miles long and classified as Class II-IV.

Boquet River - Beaver Meadow Brook

The Beaver Meadow Brook to the Northway is a section of the Boquet River that offers an intriguing mix of easy and slightly challenging sections through some delightful scenery. Remember, this is another one of our north-flowing rivers.

How to get there

Put in location: Latitude: 44.13439; Longitude: -73.63961

Take out location: Latitude: 44.24829; Longitude: -73.50181


This section is 17.6 miles long and is classified as Class II-III.

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