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Cobble Hill Trails

Cobble Hill Trails in Elizabethtown are a mix of established, older double track and newer, flowy single track trails. Adjacent to the golf course, Route 9N, the heart of town, and the Blueberry Hill Trails makes this a good option for inclusion in...

Thrall Dam Park Trails

The trails have never looked better at Thrall Dam Park, and the multi-use nature of them, in addition to spectacular wildlife viewing, makes this place a great location to spend some time in the town of Lewis.

How to get there

There are two main trailheads. The western trailhead is on Route 9, 0.7 miles south of Lewis and 3.75 miles north of Elizabethtown. The northern trailhead is 0.2 miles east of the four corners in Lewis, on Lewis-Wadhams Road. 

Blueberry Hill Trails

The Blueberry Hill Trails are located in the Town of Elizabethtown and were built for hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and cross country skiing. There are several other viewing areas within the trail system that are quite rewarding.

Stony Lonesome Loop

Get off the asphalt! This spectacular half day of gravel biking is on mostly remote, unpaved roads, with a variety of hills and valleys, open and wooded terrain, marshes, ponds, and streams.


Mountain/cross bike recommended. Remote unpaved roads with limited services. Museum, swimming, wildlife, and low traffic are all here!

Mountain Biking

If you prefer to get off the asphalt and experience some thrills of more rugged terrain on your bike, the Lake Champlain Region has plenty to offer. From short and easy loops to cross-country trails, there is enough dirt to keep all the off-road...

Outdoor Activities

As the sixth largest freshwater lake in the United States, it should come as no surprise that Lake Champlain's fabulous location, stunning shorelines, and deep waters lends itself to myriad of outdoor activities, both on the water and off. A rather...