Cobble Hill Trails
44.218820, -73.606362
Route 9N, Elizabethtown
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Cobble Hill Trails in Elizabethtown are a mix of established, older double track and newer, flowy single track trails. Adjacent to the golf course, Route 9N, the heart of town, and the Blueberry Hill Trails makes this a good option for inclusion in bigger full-day plans, or a quick jaunt from town. 

How to get there

Two parking options exist, with the more popular parking area on the northern edge of the Cobble Hill golf course, a grassy area surrounded by trees. The other parking area is next to a water tank, about a half mile west of the aforementioned parking location on Route 9N. Trailforks shows both the parking areas and biking trails. 


Roughly 3 miles of biking trails work there way around towering white pine and hemlock trees, and over newly built trails and bridges, courtesy of Barkeater Trails Alliance (BETA). Beginner to intermediate loops can be done by combining Cobble Hill and Lollipop trails with the new single track trail made in 2022. There's a section for more experienced mountain bikers, Hickory, located off the Cobble Hill trail, that features steeper terrain with tighter turns. The trails are easy to follow, and with a quick check of your planned path on Trailforks, fun combinations can be made through here. 


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