Spruce Mill Brook Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas time in the Adirondacks is unlike any other in the world. As snow blankets the peaks and valleys of the Lake Champlain Region, you’ll find that the region springs to life with its familiar holiday spirit. 

The calm country landscapes of the Lake Champlain Region — hugged by nearby white-capped mountains and a sparkling lake — will send you back into the land of those ceramic Christmas villages your mom collects. The LCR has it all, adding in all the right ingredients to send you back to traditional Christmases of long ago. You’ll find sprawling farms that decorate their charming barns and farmhouses, cozy nooks where you can purchase the last of your Christmas shopping, downtowns dressed to impress, and of course, Christmas tree farms!

The most timeless and everlasting tradition of the season is choosing the Christmas tree. Finding the perfect tree is no laughing matter, I should know, I’m usually the one in charge of picking my family’s tree (whether they like it or not). It has to have the perfect shape, fullness all around it, be the perfect height, and of course, strong stems to hold years and years of family ornaments! While a fake tree may tempt you, it can rob you of the many joys of the holidays, like a glorious trip to Spruce Mill Brook Christmas Tree Farm

A scenic view of mountains and a frozen lake in winter.

Spruce Mill Brook Christmas Tree Farm

Among the miles and miles of quaint farms and open valleys of the Lake Champlain Region lies Spruce Mill Brook Christmas Tree Farm. With scenery straight out of a vintage postcard, shoppers are transported into a winter wonderland as they search for the perfect tree. On the property, rows of trees greet you, just waiting to be picked! It doesn’t get more festive than this. You’ll find the farm on 25 Christmas Tree Lane (yes that is their real address!)

A christmas tree in a field.

What kind of tree are you looking for?

Whether you’re looking for a tree to fill the grand entrance of your home ala Kardashian style, or you’re looking for a quaint Fir friend for your apartment, the farm has trees of many different sizes and types. Choose from Balsam Fir, Blue Spruce, Concolor Fir, Fraser Fir, Norway Spruce, Scotch Pine, and White Pine. 

A tree in the middle of rows of christmas trees.

A nostalgic Christmas

Shoppers perusing for their tree will be pleasantly surprised when they stumble upon Spruce Mill’s options. Patrons can choose and cut down their own trees, drive through the farm, and more to fully immerse themselves in this little slice of Christmas. If you’re looking for the full tree hunting experience, there are saws available to cut your tree down yourself. The farm will drill your tree for you and bale it before you go, keeping all those little branches and needles intact! 

A woman sips on hot cocoa.

A family affair 

Every year at the end of summer, the owners venture out to the new crop to shear the young trees themselves to prep them for further growth, and to make sure they mature with that perfect Christmas tree shape. From there, if you can wait until after thanksgiving, glorious fluffy trees await in rows on the farm. The farm is the best way to introduce the little ones to the excitement of Christmas time. Pick your family tree, saw it down together, and drive home with your bounty, passing through snowy landscapes of the LCR. 

A sign reading "Spruce Mill Brook Christmas Tree Farm.

Get into the spirit

This holiday season, step into an authentic Adirondack Christmas when you make a trip to Spruce Mill Brook Christmas Tree Farm. After you’re done strapping your tree to the roof of the car, why not take a leisurely drive around the region? Sip on some hot cocoa at one of our cafes, walk the quaint main streets of our downtowns, and find yourself completely immersed in the traditional Christmas of your dreams.


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