Without a doubt the most famous handcrafted gift item in the Adirondacks is, of course the Adirondack chair. However, when shopping for a handcrafted gift in the Ticonderoga Area, you can’t beat a handcrafted basket from the Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store at 4322 Main Street in Port Henry.

As you enter the Mountain Weaver’s Farm Store you are cheerfully welcomed with shelves and displays of beautifully crafted baskets paired with local produce and regional grocery products. The baskets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, several different stain colors and have many different colors woven in them. Looking upon the shelves you can find a basket as plain and simple as can be or as complex and colorful as possible.

A display of handcrafted baskets hanging on a display rack

From within the store, cheerful conversations drift from the weavers’ work space. This collaborative guild of artists busily work together daily creating unique baskets to fill the store, to fulfill special orders and to sell at farmers markets throughout the region. Building baskets is one bustling business!

A little backstory – The Mountain Weavers’ Guild store and studio opened in 2008 by Mountain Lake Services as a vocational opportunity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and as a way to demonstrate their skills. In 2019, that store expanded by teaming up with Adirondack Action and partnering with local farmers to also provide locally sourced food and produce, thus becoming the Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store.

The weavers gather each day to create these amazing pieces. Each weaver adds their own personality to each handcrafted masterpiece. While the dimensions of a certain basket may be standard, each weaver adds their own flair with reed colors, adding a curl weave, basket handles, and varying the pattern of reed sizes. Each of these custom pieces is initialed and numbered as a unique piece of art!

If you cannot find a basket on the shelves of the Mountain Weavers’ Farm store that suites your needs, the weavers will happily create a special order basket for you. From large size Adirondack pack baskets, to small holiday sleigh styles and anything in between, they can craft the perfect gift for you.

The Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store is also the perfect location to create a gift basket. Not only can you select a beautiful basket, but you can fill it with a wonderful selection of locally sourced chocolates, mixes, coffee, honey, syrups and more!

Anyone on your gift list would appreciate a well-crafted basket from the Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store, however if you would like help shopping throughout the Ticonderoga Area, the Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce team is here to help you. We can be reached at 518-585-6619 or our full business directory can be found at