Fresh, Flavorful, Fun Finds!

I love farmers markets! They truly are a feast for the senses; the sights, the smells and, with so many now featuring live music, even the sounds. Not only am I able to stock my fruit and vegetable bin with amazing flavors, I have discovered farmer' markets as a source for fresh baked goods, locally raised poultry, beef, and eggs, maple syrup, honey, jams, and jellies.  The list goes on. In addition, these markets are a great source for a wide variety of handcrafted items and unique finds.

I always feel good about shopping at farmers markets for a variety of reasons. The outing is more of a fun experience than a chore and enables me to:

  • Support a small business and help sustain our local economy
  • Acquire fresh, quality, organic produce and products
  • Interact directly with the grower, producer, artisan and ask specific questions
  • Learn about, and even sample, unusual products or gain a better understanding of how things are made
  • Gather tips and advice on the best way to prep, prepare, or preserve produce selections

 Here are some schedules of when and where to find farmers markets in the Lake Champlain Region:

Willsboro Farmers’ Market

Thursdays, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. from June 13 until September 5

This market is held under the Gateway Park Pavillon, on Route 22 in Willsboro, south of Champlain National Bank. Anticipate fresh produce and baked goods and a variety of beautifully handcrafted items.

Elizabethtown Farmers’ Market

Fridays, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. from June 7 until October 11

This market is tucked behind the Adirondack History Museum, near their Colonial Garden. Find fresh veggies and berries in season, jams, jellies, baked goods, flowers, maple syrup, and handmade wares.

Ticonderoga Farmers’ Market

Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. from July 6 until September 28

Find this market at  “Wicker Wood,” 1114 Wicker Street in Ticonderoga, across from Christopher Chevrolet & Buick. Parking is in the back. Anticipate plenty of locally raised meats, fish, and poultry, as well as fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods; even seeds and plants are available early in the season.

Note that this market moves to Downtown/Montcalm Street during Ticonderoga’s annual Streetfest; this year scheduled for July 27.

Lewis Farmers’ Market

Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. from June 1 until August 31

423 Stowersville Road, Lewis. 

One of the region’s most significant farmers’ markets can be found only once a year. It is a major component of the Adirondack Harvest Festival, held every September at the Essex County Fairgrounds in Westport. This event is a must-do, so mark your calendar for September 21.  This annual festival is an awesome celebration of the region’s abundance of produce, products, and flavors. It is a total feast for the senses. A wide variety of growers and producers attend. Plan on spending the day while enjoying farm-to-table meals from vendors, live music, exhibits, and demonstrations.  Arrive early for the best selections!

Start planning your trip to the Lake Champlain Region today! Pair your delicious treats from the farmers market with an adventure on the water.


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