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Just a few more days and Fort Ticonderoga will be open for the season! There you find an ever-changing adventure. I recently spoke directly with Beth Hill, President and CEO of Fort Ticonderoga to get the inside scoop on what exciting experiences we might find at the Fort this year. I will share her insight on a few not-to-be-missed features for this coming season:

If cannons could talk!

Have you ever wondered about the stories behind the massive cannon at Fort Ticonderoga? Did you know that Fort Ticonderoga has the largest collection of 18th-century artillery in the hemisphere? These massive guns are more than set dressing for the iconic fort. Now for the first time you can discover the secrets and stories of these incredible objects with a free mobile application which will guide your tour, let you dig deeper into their history, and even explore the story from home!

Next time you visit, see if you can spot the French cannon that was cast during the American Revolution, survived the French Revolution and 19th-century wars in Europe, and even has a World War 1 story. 

A Charmingly Aggressive Woman

Yes, we all love Fort Ticonderoga for its epic story of warfare in the 18th century that shaped North America and the founding of our nation. But did you know that there is more to our story? Fort Ticonderoga Museum Co-Founder, Sarah Pell, led the restoration of the fort in the early 20th century along with the historic Pell home, the Pavilion, and the King’s Garden. Her remarkable story of the struggle for history and human rights is featured in a new 2017 exhibition located in the Mars Education Center.  Check out her inspiring work in preservation and women’s rights that took place right here at Fort Ticonderoga and discover the rare objects in our collection that tell the story. 


Defend the Fort!

An exciting new evening summer program will put you in the footsteps of French military engineers who are designing the fort for defense against the British Empire. Defend the Fort with Fort Ticonderoga’s museum staff will explore areas that are generally inaccessible to the general public. Get the scoop on why the fort is designed the way it is and how the French prepared for combat here on the front-line of New France in the 18th-century. This unforgettable experience will surely be one of the favorite programs of the summer! This tour which lasts approximately 1.5 hours and begins at 5:00 PM will be available on July 11, 18, 25, and August 1, 8, 15, and 29. 



Fort Ticonderoga’s story is epic. (Yes, we already know that!) Well, so are the battle reenactment events held here each year. This year’s must-see battle reenactment is the recreation of the stunning 1758 Battle of Carillon. Plan your visit on July 22-23 to witness the battle reenactment Montcalm’s Cross where you will be fully immersed in the smoky haze of war as French troops significantly outnumbered by British hold the line for empire. The event recreates what was considered the bloodiest day in North America until the American Civil War.

Can’t visit in July? There are plenty of living history events throughout the year that will be sure to change the way you see history! Fort Ticonderoga events are considered the best in the nation for recreating 18th-century warfare. 



It’s almost summer!  Get out on the water!

Ticonderoga was the Key to the Continent in the 18th century because of its strategic locations between Lake George and Lake Champlain. Whoever controlled this vital passage controlled all of North America. Now is your chance to see this incredible story and stunning natural beauty from Lake Champlain aboard Fort Ticonderoga’s M/V Carillon, a 60-foot replica touring boat. Boat tours begin at the newly installed dock located near Fort Ticonderoga’s King’s Garden and the Pavilion. From sunset cruises to group tours and charters, to daily tours – step aboard the M/V Carillon for a narrated tour surrounded by America’s most historic landscape. Be sure to pick up a lunch at America’s Fort Café located at Fort Ticonderoga’s Log House, or purchase a beverage or snack aboard the boat. 

There you have even more compelling reasons to visit Fort Ticonderoga, America’s Fort. Check out the many lodging options nearby and plan to spend a day or two  (or more!) exploring our awesome history!


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