February events in the Lake Champlain Region

The Lake Champlain Region is gearing up for a busy February, with historic re-enactments, concerts, rock climbing and snowshoe hikes for starters.

Ice and rock climbing talk

Winter Climbing will be the subject of the CRUX Climbing Center's event on February 4th. Famous Adirondack ice and rock climber and author, Don Mellor, will be on hand along with Mark Scott to discuss ice climbing technique in the Adirondacks on February 4 at 7 pm. The CRUX Climbing Center is located on Reber Road in Willsboro. For a bit more information call the Center at 963-7967


Adirondack ice climbers
Adirondack ice climbers

Formation of the Adirondacks

On February 4th, The Whallonsburg Grange Winter Lyceum Series offers "Wild Beginnings: The formation of the Adirondacks". David Franzi, SUNY professor of Earth and  Environmental Science will deliver a presentation of the formation of the Adirondack Mountains and the Champlain Valley. The Ice Age had major impacts on the region and you can learn more about the subject at this presentation. 

Learn to sew

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking with Beth Hill, the Executive Director of Fort Ticonderoga, about their winter programs at The Fort. There isn't a more enthusiastic person to get the inside scoop from!  During our conversation we talked about the Clothing and Accoutrement Workshops the Fort sponsors periodically through the winter.  I asked Beth if the attendees were predominantly re-enactors, working on their outfits. "No! Actually, a good share of the attendees are people who just want to learn basic needlework and sewing skills, believe it or not", Beth replied. This came as a big surprise to me. It never occurred to me that might be the case. So, if you're looking to fill a weekend with some historic learning and at the same time learn some pretty good basic hand stitchery skills, make a reservation to join the Clothing and Accoutrement Workshop on February 8th and 9th. 

Living History

Next on The Fort's schedule is one of the popular LIving History re-enactment weekends. It's the subject of the above video, "A Day Longer in the Field": Provincial Soldiers Guard and Rebuild Fort Ticonderoga". Near the end of the 1759 military campaign, with Ticonderoga and Crown Point captured, the American soldiers and the British worked together to ready the Fort for winter. The winter of 1759 will come alive before your eyes with re-enactors dressed in period clothing, along with period carpentry, soldiers cooking outdoors and more. Drop in between 10 am and 4 pm. Children 4 and under are free and the rest pay a minimal fee of just $10 for a day at the Fort. 

Tough conditions for 1700's soldiers in the Lake Champlain Region
Tough conditions for 1700's soldiers in the Lake Champlain Region

Rock to the beat of South Africa

After a day at The Fort, stop on over to the Whallonsburg Grange for a very special evening to honor Nelson Mandela. The Grange plays host to South African band, Sharon Katz and the Peace Train for "A Heart for Nelson Mandela Concert".  The group, founded 20 years ago, will entertain with their thythms, beats and Zulu dances from their homeland.  Co-sponsored by John Brown Lives!, the event starts at 7 pm.

Fresh Tracks

For some fresh air activity, Join CATS for  a  Winter Tracking Experience with naturalist David Thomas-Train and Elizabeth Lee, outdoor guide for a half day of tracking wildlife.  Winter tracking is way easier and more fun as tracks are much more prominent in snow than in summer. Join in for a fun learning experience. Meet at the Pok-O-Moonshine trailhead, about 1/2 mile south of the campground at 9:30 a.m. The Event is free, too!

As the ice thickens up on Lake Champlain, ice fishing derbies may pop up as well, so keep your eyes on the full calendar of events for updates throughout the winter. Don't miss out on any of the fun events in the Lake Champlain Region this winter