Ensign Pond Road

This lovely route is also a symbol of friendship: look for the stone with an image of the two shaking hands etched in it. The North Hudson Pine Ridge Cemetery is the resting place of a number of War of 1812 soldiers.


Access through the Hammond Pond Wilderness, with trails to Trout Pond, Round Pond Trail, East Mill Flow, Challis Pond Trail, Moose Mountain Pond, and Bass Lake.

DISTANCE: 9 miles, one way. Recommended to be taken east to west, to take advantage of the downhill grade as the road joins Route 9. Services in Moriah Center and North Hudson.

DIRECTIONS: From Moriah, take County Route 4, west, and follow it all the way to North Hudson, near the intersection with Interstate 87, the Northway.

Scenic Drives

For a scenic route back, drive north on nine and pick up Route 74 to the east. Drives by scenic Paradox Lake and plenty of mountain range views.

Or, drive the whole biking loop known as Wet & Wild.

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