Coon Mountain Circuit
44.310891, -73.350477
Main St, Essex
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This route includes Split Rock Mountain, Webb-Royce Swamp, and Coon Mountain. Watch for Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Osprey, herons, porcupines, and endangered timber rattlesnakes.


Along with the gorgeous views of the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain, there are also wonderful hiking possibilities along this route. The Split Rock Wild Forest and Webb Royce Swamp are the longest undeveloped areas (4.3 miles) on Lake Champlain. Services are available in Essex and Whallonsburg.


18.5 miles, intermediate difficulty

Turn by turn directions

Start at Essex Ferry Dock, and turn south on County 9/Main St. At the 0.3 mile point turn right on School Road, and at the 0.5 mile point the road becomes unpaved for 1.1 miles, until the 1.7 mile point, where a turn left on County 66/Middle Road leads to a right turn on Christian Road. At the 3.6 mile point this is unpaved for 0.5 mile.


At the 5.0 mile point turn right on County 55/Whallons Bay Road. Just 0.3 miles later take a left on Rt. 22 for 7.5 miles, than take a left on Merriam Forge Road, which is unpaved. At the 7.8 mile point the road will cross the Boquet River. At the 9.0 mile point turn left on Halds Road. Notice the steel bridge on the right. At the 9.9 mile point the Coon Mountain trailhead is reached, and the hike makes a nice side trip.


The 10.7 mile point is when to take a left on County 9/Lakeshore Road, and at the 12.5 mile point there's Split Rock trailhead for a few possible hiking opportunities. At the 15.9 mile point go straight at Whallons Bay Road. At the 18.5 mile point the loop ends back at the Essex Ferry Dock.

Scenic Drive

Enjoy lovely scenery from the shores of Lake Champlain to the rippling Boquet River, with historic steel bridges offering photo opportunities, and optional hikes.


Coon Mountain is a popular climb.
Coon Mountain Circuit offers scenic possibilities.
Coon Mountain Circuit is a bike trek with extras.
Coon Mountain Circuit is a bike trek with extras. Coon Mountain Circuit offers scenic possibilities. Coon Mountain is a popular climb.


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