Winter transforms the Lake Champlain Region with snow and ice. The open spaces of farmers' fields and mountain summits take on that extra sparkle and expansive views feel even bigger and brighter. The charming historic towns may be quieter in winter, but they're full of snow-capped fun, warm inns and bed and breakfasts, fire-lit restaurants, and legendary destinations!

Soar into winter

While many birds are flying south, why don't you make your way north? A number of amazing species of birds stay all winter and they are fascinating to observe. From chubby Redpolls to dense flocks of splashing ducks, the birds here are varied and the places where you might spot them range from open fields to lakeshore inlets. This winter, let's take flight into birding!

Close-up of a fluffy bird with a snowy background.

If the shoe fits

Whether you're a dedicated hiker who just can't wait until summer to get out on the trails, or a more relaxed explorer looking for a unique outing, say hello to snowshoe season! On snowshoes you can explore open spaces and legendary places — such as Crown Point State Historic Site — while traveling a variety of trails that wind up mountains, through snowy glades, and along wide open fields throughout the region.

Hiking into history

The Lake Champlain Region is full of legendary history, from hard-won battles to the courageous freedom fighters of the Underground Railroad. But to really travel back in time, say, 10,000 years, you can't miss Ausable Chasm! A geologic treasure and astonishing wonder, Ausable Chasm offers stunning, ice-coated waterfalls, walking and hiking trails, and big, historic adventure!

Gliding through wonderland

When you think of cross-country skiing, do you think of quiet woods, snow-capped pine trees, and the joy of being in the fresh, crisp winter air? If so, then you won't want to miss the amazing opportunities to ski in the Lake Champlain Region! Hiking and walking trails become serene spaces for gliding across fresh snow and whether you want to ski all day or just for a little while, more than 50 trails are there for you!

Now that you've realized that the Lake Champlain Region is the gorgeous winter playground you've always wanted to explore, it's time to start planning! Explore relaxed, wonderfully comfortable lodging options, chef-owned restaurants, and seasonal events. See you on the trails!

Two women ride fat tire bikes over snow next to a graphic that reads "Enter to Win a Legendary Getaway"