It's cold, but has it been cold enough? Has the lake frozen over yet? Just a few of the burning questions that have been on people's minds lately. Especially since we have had an unseasonably warm, no-snow, kind of winter. So, what does that mean for all our favorite winter sports and events happening? Will they continue? Of course, they continue!!! We would never let a little warm weather and no snow stop us from having an amazing winter. Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated winter events happening this month is set for February 25, 2023. The 2nd Annual Northern New York Vintage Snowmobile Races (NNYVSR) in Port Henry is an exciting and fast-paced event that brings younger and older generations together. And Mother Nature just may be on our side, it looks like we have a cold front coming in just in time to help freeze the lake over! 

Sleds lining up before the race!

The NNYVSR is an organization that specializes in vintage snowmobile races across the North Country. The anticipation of the upcoming races has left people eager and excited to get out and participate in one of the top-performing events in the Lake Champlain region. For only 10 dollars a day, you can experience the race live and up close at Port Henry Beach. Have no fear, if the ice is not thick enough at the beach the event will be moved to Bulwagga Bay where the lake is shallower and freezes much faster. One way or another they will race! For live updates on ice and conditions be sure to follow along on our Facebook page as well as the Moriah Snowmobile Club Facebook page. 

Racer taking a sharp corner

“Out with the old and in with the new”

Is certainly not the case for the vintage races. Many racers come with their vintage sleds in almost pristine condition ready to show off what they have been working on under the hood. The Moriah Snowmobile Club has been preparing for the snowmobile races to return ever since they were over in 2022. However, this year they were excited to announce that the races would be held on both Saturday and Sunday instead of just one day. Spectators will now be able to enjoy a whole weekend of races. 

Racers inspecting their sleds

"The older the better"

So, what qualifies as vintage? Well according to Google it's something that is 20 years of age or older. So according to Google, I'm vintage! But as for the snowmobiles, the requirement for sleds is 1996 or older! The older sleds make for a much more rugged ride which is fitting for the terrain of the Adirondacks. It's always an amazing sight to see the time and effort racers put into preserving their sleds. So be sure to mark your calendars for February 25, 2023, for a fast-paced race you don't want to miss out on! 

Racers line up at the start line

Looking for more snowmobiling in the Lake Champlain region? Moriah Snowmobile Club is excited to announce that they have new trails that were constructed connecting Ticonderoga to Lincoln Pond and other trails.  Now snowmobilers should be able to enjoy trails starting in Willsboro all the way down into Minerva. The trails are looking good, but we do ask that you ride safe and ride smart, most importantly have fun and enjoy our beautiful region!


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