Any visit to the Ticonderoga Area would not be complete without a trip to Five Nations Golf. My family and I decided to make a stop one warm evening for a fun game of miniature golf.

We were warmly greeted, given our clubs, and paid for our game. After making the all-important selection of who was playing with what color ball, we decided to make things interesting. A wager was made. The family member with the highest score after 18 holes was buying ice cream!

We started our game. My oldest son quickly realized that each hole was named after a local historical moment or local geographical feature and provided a bit of information on that name as well. Ha! We were tricking him into learning while having fun!

As we worked our way around the course the scores remained close. Taunts of who was going to pay for ice cream continued to be exchanged. On the 11th hole my youngest made his move. With a swift swing we watched as his ball made its way directly to the hole. A hole in one! He jumped excitedly as his brother looked on with a jealous glimmer in his eye.

We headed into the home stretch and the feeling of friendly competition took a turn for the worse. Maybe it was the warm summer temperature, maybe it was the performance level of some family members on the last few holes, but there were definitely some grumpy attitudes growing. My husband and I exchanged a few glances, an entire conversation taking place with just a couple of looks. We knew what had to be done.

At the last hole, as our balls disappeared in the ball return, the scores were announced. In 1st place my husband, in 2nd place my oldest son, I came triumphantly in 3rd and my youngest son sadly came in 4th. Before the pouting and the protesting could begin, my husband gallantly came to the rescue, “The winner will buy the ice cream!” Cheers erupted from our group, and we all began dreaming of a frosty delight. We said goodbye to Five Nations Golf (while my husband looked longingly at the driving range with a fantastic view) and we were on our way.

While there are a number of places in the Ticonderoga Area to go to treat yourself to ice cream (a complete listing is available at, my family decided on this day that the Wind Chill Factory was the place for us! We made our way to the counter, placed our orders, and made quick work of our treats. Cooled off and satiated, all competitive transgressions were forgiven, and we were once again one big happy family.

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