A fall lover’s dream

It's finally here, after months of waiting, having to drudge through perfect warm summer days, lounging along the lake side and cruising Lake Champlain, (exhausting I know). We’ve finally made it to fall, I thought it would never come! Everything about fall around here is perfect, from the crisp crunch of leaves under your boots, to the trees adorned in brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows. But what really shines brightest around the Lake Champlain region is of course, the farms. The fall season is when our local farms shine brightest, gifting us with apple orchards, hayrides, corn mazes, spooky pumpkins, and the best of all, apple cider and pumpkin pie! The flavors of fall are ripe for the picking, from events to delicious confections, so take a look at what the season has to offer!

a pint of beer sits on a picnic table, overlooking Lake Champlain.

Highland’s Vineyard

Founded in 2012 by the Campagna family and Terry and Randy Ashline, Highlands Vineyard runs full steam ahead, producing a selection of varietals and hosting a sparkling wine tasting room. Open to the public since 2018, Highland’s Vineyard remains committed to great wine, and is building a legacy of 100% estate wines that only get better with age. 

Sip your glass and look over Lake Champlain, of which the vineyard has a world-class view, and take a break. Their delicious varietals will have you coming back for more, but just wait until you try some of their estate-made maple syrup! From gallons to pints, Highland’s Vineyard is stocked with all your maple needs; perfect for some fall time waffles or on ice cream (you have to try it)!

 Speaking of ambiance, all season long there will be live music again! Sip your favorite wines, explore the estate, and enjoy the views. Nothing beats great outdoor music with crisp fall foliage and the delicious flavors of the season. Get the chance to see your favorite local and traveling artists as we ring in the colder weather!

Stop by Thursday through Sunday for your choice of dreamy wines and syrups. 

People stand outside a log building where wine tastings are offered.

Corn maze if you dare

The Halloween season is upon us, and while we all might love a cozy night in, there's still plenty to do all around the Lake Champlain Region. If you’re in the mood for some lighthearted fun while appreciating the farm life of our towns, try a corn maze. Nothing beats racing through stalks of brown and red corn, finding your way around the maize (wink wink) and making it out the other side!

A young girl stand smiling next to a brown cornstalk.

Fort Ticonderoga's Heroic Corn Maze

 Step into history with Fort Ticonderoga’s Heroic Corn Maze! Every year, Fort Ticonderoga, located on the shores of Lake Champlain, creates a brand new maze. During the fall season, the Fort takes a page out of their long history, and collaborates to design a staggering 6 acre maze! This fall, the year 1759 is highlighted, featuring the British Army guarding the Fort. If you’re up for the challenge, read up on your history and set off! To complete the maze, visitors will tackle Fort Ticonderoga trivia questions. Answer the questions correctly, and you’ll complete the maze easy peasy. Feeling lonely? Bring Rover along! The corn maze is dog friendly, so bring your trusty partner to help you navigate through the maze. If you’re feeling bored after finishing the maze in record time, there’s still plenty to do and plenty of ground to cover around the Fort! Discover the rich history of the Lake Champlain Region over the years, explore battle grounds, and watch demonstrations!

Admission to the corn maze is included with Fort Ticonderoga’s general admission. Their hours this season are: weekends only, September 3 - October 16.

An aerial view of a green cornfield, with a maze pattern cut through it and the year 1759 carved in the center.

Get exploring!

If you think you’ve combed over the Lake Champlain Region and completed all its awesome fall events, think again! The Adirondack Wayfinder has plenty of adventures in store for you. Try the Autumn Adventures Trail in the Lake Champlain Region! Start at Ausable Chasm for thrilling fun and an education on the diverse environments within the Adirondacks. Stock up on all your favorite fall brews at Ledge Hill Brewing Co! Try a growler or a crowler of handcrafted ales and lagers home grown to be enjoyed on the shores of Lake Champlain. If you haven’t hit your apple picking quota during your trip, head over to Gunnison’s Orchards and Bakery. Pick a variety of apples from their sprawling property, or head inside for some luxurious selections of cookies, pastries, breads, donuts, and fruit pies! Visit the gift shop before you go and take a locally-made souvenir home! 

An aerial view of fall colors on an island peninsula on Lake Champlain.

Fall for everyone

Now that you’ve stumbled upon a stockpile of events to get to this season, make the most of it! Enjoy all that the harvest has to offer this fall, see the sights, visit the farms, and taste the apple cider donuts. Make sure to visit our downtowns while you’re off adventuring all weekend, or all week!