Guest blog by Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce

In this technologically fast-paced world, sometimes it is nice to slip away to the Adirondacks and slow down a bit. With mountain and lake views to cast a spell of wonder and amazement, tuck yourself into a quintessential Adirondack chair and relax!

When traveling to the Ticonderoga area, visitors can take a stroll downtown and step back in time on "nostalgia row," aka Montcalm Street. At the base of Montcalm Street is The Candy Corner. This is a delightful destination that both kids and adults alike dream about. Featuring vintage style candies, The Candy Corner also offers a “mini museum” of vintage furniture, signs, and entertainment pieces. The Candy Corner is where you can satisfy your sweet tooth with candies, snacks, and sodas from a time when we all thought life was simpler, inspired by a time when a nickel would get you a cold bottle of soda or a bag of your favorite candy.

Working your way up Montcalm Street you can doo-wop your way into the Burleigh Luncheonette for lunch for a purely 50’s & 60’s vibe. Sit down at the old soda counter or tuck into a booth straight from the era that inspred Grease. The walls are adorned with memorabilia and photos of Ticonderoga over time. The luncheonette offers breakfast and lunch with fresh cooked items, homemade desserts, and milk shakes to blow your socks off! Two nights a week they also offer a special dinner menu.

Just across the Street is the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour. Here at last is the chance to board the Starship Enterprise! Recreated exactly as they were laid out on the ''Desilu'' Stage 9 in Hollywood for the original 1966-1968 run of Star Trek, the sets of the fabulous starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701 are ready for guests to step aboard and be transported to the world of Star Trek: The Original Series. Visitors can receive guided tours, photo opportunities and an experience into the world of the classic TV series.

A couple of great museums anchor the ends of Montcalm Street and you are sure to want to check them out while in downtown Ticonderoga. The first is the Ticonderoga Heritage Museum, located at the base of Montcalm Street by Bicentennial Park. The industrial history of Ticonderoga can't be told without describing paper mills, graphite mining and pencils. The Heritage Museum preserves and interprets that history. Housed in the ''1888 building,'' the museum is the last remaining structure of the Ticonderoga Pulp and Paper Company, which once covered the area now known as Bicentennial Park. The museum hosts historically accurate exhibits and creative children's workshops.

There is the Hancock House, the home of the Ticonderoga Historical Society, near the monument at the top of Montcalm Street. Founded in 1897 and chartered in 1909, the Ticonderoga Historical Society advances the preservation and interpretation of history through its collections, programs, and community outreach, preserving the town's past for its future. The Historical Society makes area history an integral part of community life by connecting past and present. The Hancock House serves as a museum, research library, and gift shop. It offers three levels of museum space about Ticonderoga history. They host an array of events and programs so be sure to check out their calendar of events!

Finally, you can pop into the Ticonderoga Volunteer Fire Department to view the Hall of Flames. Go back in time to view the history of firefighting since the late 1800’s and see how small towns stayed safe. View equipment, uniforms, trucks, photos, and more. This museum is staffed by volunteers so be sure to check out their hours or make an appointment!

There are so many places to in the Adirondacks to experience another way of life in another time; this is just a sample platter of options. Make sure to spend time at the local retail shops and restaurants! For more information be sure to visit the Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce or the Lake Champlain Region Visitor Center. Stop in to say hello to the TACC staff; we would be happy to assist you, or check out the self-serve info booth. There is also visitor service staff at the Heritage Museum.


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