Transitions and The Beauty That Follows

Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce Blog – Written by Katy Rasmus

There is so much we can learn when we take a moment to step back and contemplate mother nature.  There is such beauty when the trees begin their annual transition to dormancy, it is amazing what hidden beauty can emerge when we let go.  This is something I have been pondering about these last few months, transition and how we approach it, whether from a perspective of fear and control or one from openness.  Sometimes it seems in this life we think we have it all planned out, then suddenly there is the change that we never see coming.  It’s almost ironic because stability is not guaranteed in this life but I can promise you change is! With change comes transition, and with that often a path so wonderful but, never would have been attainable had we not let our leaves change color and begin a new cycle!

          As I sit here remembering the ridiculous 90-degree day we had in early September, I recall trying to practice the art of staying present and enjoying the now, but I am human and could not seem to resist that lust for a good crisp autumn day.  I love to hop in my car to commute to work and see that blaze of glory in the trees as I cruise down Rte. 9.  To see the sun sparkle diamonds in Lake Champlain, pink ripping through the morning sky, and the Crown Point Bridge flanked with reds, orange, and yellow!! 


          We are so lucky to be living in the Adirondack Park, to be surrounded by 6 million acres of protected land is almost inconceivable! Take a tour around to learn more about the history of the Adirondacks and how special they are!  Sometimes living here, you may get caught up in the routine of life, the schedules, the responsibilities, the same habits.  But the trick to staying happy, to continually being rejuvenated is to be able to look at something you have seen before with new eyes.  So, I want to pass along to you some of my favorite places to visit that will be knock out gorgeous when they drift into those glorious colors. Let’s start out in Ticonderoga.  We are so lucky to have the La Chute River with a boat access point, so why not grab a canoe, a kayak, or a row boat, and travel out to Lake Champlain.   The trees will be draped over top to create a kaleidoscope canopy.  Once in the lake you could take a paddle around Fort Ticonderoga and breath the fresh clean air, maybe even pull your boat ashore somewhere approved and have a lovely picnic! Take a tour of Fort Ticonderoga and then head up Mount Defiance, you will get a view of the fort as well as a panoramic view of VT.  Something to not miss out on for sure!

          Down in Putnam you could go for the fall classic of cruising for apples at Billy Bob’s Orchard, over in Hague you could pop into some of the sweet shops downtown, or take in the view at the public beach.  If you head up to Moriah I recommend that you go up my FAVORITE mountain, Big Hollow.  If you wanted a longer hike you can park out by route 7 but if you want something shorter you can drive almost all the way to the top.  The view on a clear day will no disappoint!  The valley to the right is predominately evergreens fading into a more deciduous forest. The contrast will be stunning I am sure.  At the summit you can even see Gunnison’s Orchard where you should surely stop on your way home to grab a notorious cider donut with a local Macintosh apple.

          What ever you do this fall my friends do it passionately and with purpose.  You never know where life is going to lead you and you don’t want to miss the beauty of where you live and the people you have around you!  For more information or an area business directory, be sure to visit or

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