Go Ahead, Be BAD!

I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions. In fact, I think they're downright silly. I guess I’m just more comfortable with my vices than most folks. 

Don’t get me wrong, if you have made some pledge to better yourself in the coming year, I salute you, but enough time has gone by that I say it is time to take stock of your life… and by that I mean it’s time to restock on goodies and sweet treats!

The Adirondacks may seem like a charming somewhat rustic place, but that doesn't mean we go without life's necessities here. Two of life's necessities, for example, are sweet gooey confections and spirit warming libations. In my immediate vicinity we are fortunate to have many fine choices. You may remember, I’ve told you about Gunnison’s awesome doughnuts, but even when they are closed for the winter it’s easy to keep a plethora of delights on hand. Some may say too easy, to which I reply, “Pshaw!”

Without further ado, here is a sampling of some of the things that make life worth living in my neck of the woods. 

Libby's Exterior

Located on Montcalm Street in Ticonderoga, Libby’s Bakery Cafe is a legendary spot for great espresso, tasty sandwiches, and general swanky atmosphere, but right now we’re on a mission, a sweet sugar rush of a mission. 

Andrew Rasmus at Libby's Bakery and Cafe

On the day I was in, co-owner Andrew Rasmus was working the counter. Both he and Katy Rasmus are wonderful people to get to know, and they will be glad to tell you what’s on for lunch or more importantly - dessert!

A whole lot of MMMM!

With such a selection it may take you a while, be kind and let hungrier people through while you decide. 

What to have, what to have?

Turnovers, muffins, cookies, and breads - oh my!


Eclairs! Prefect pastry with custard filling and the all-important chocolate icing. The smell alone is making me hungry!


Holy Cannoli! This is the real deal. Throw in an espresso and it’s a meal, a sweet, naughty meal.

Grasshopper Brownies

If you visit, do yourself a favor, have a grasshopper brownie - you work hard, you deserve one.


OK, you’ve got the goods for later tonight, but what about the drive home? Road toffee! Four words: No one will know. 

Montcalm Sign

While you’re in Ticonderoga, be sure to stop in to see the folks at Montcalm Liquors on Montcalm Street. They offer a wide selection of fine spirits.

Montcalm Exterior

You may be wondering what you could possibly buy that would go with the goodies that you picked up. Let’s go in and ask!

Heath Towne

When I was there, I asked Heath Towne what pairs nicely with vanilla cupcakes with piles of white icing and jimmy sprinkles, lots and lots of jimmy sprinkles. Realizing from my question that I was a man of sophisticated tastes, Heath suggested Relax Riesling. That or he was subtly suggesting that I had way too much sugar already. 

Relax Riesling

Heath's choice is a medium sweet German Riesling with a fruity nose and a taste profile with notes of apple and pear. It is a low acid wine, so it is smooth tasting and plays well with my cupcakes. Thanks Heath, sounds like a perfect partner for dessert! 

The Cake Shop

New to the Port Henry area, and located on Main Street, is the Cake Shop and Cafe. Stop in for a cup of Joe and a little somethin’-somethin’. Need a cake for a special occasion? Heather will be glad to talk to you about it! 

Heather and Kayla Curran

I stopped by recently to find the owner Heather Curran and Kayla Curran busy with customers. Things were flying off the shelves! 


Eclairs, gaily decorated and whispering “Take me home!” Why not? Get in the car, eclairs, I’ll drive!

Cake Pops

Cake Pops, the no-mess treat for the sweet tooth on the go! 


These mini-cakes were being eyed by everyone in the shop. 

The "Baker"y

The Port Henry area is lucky enough to have our pick of bakeries. Laura Orr owns the “Baker”y in Mineville. She has built such a reputation for herself that she couldn’t keep things on the shelf! She had the epiphany that in today's tech savvy world, you don't really need a brick and mortar store. Laura now makes things especially to your order, just let her know what you want through her Facebook page “thebakerycakes,” or catch her at one of our local farmers markets!

Cup Cakes

Laura’s claim to fame has always been her cupcakes, which we locals enjoy in an endless variety.


Not really into the whole cupcake thing? Well then, how about a slice of pie? Oh yeah, that’ll do. 

Cinnamon Rolls

Sometimes there’s a hot pot of coffee, and sometimes it’s lonesome. Laura can fix it up with a whole pile of sweet, soft, gooey cinnamon rolls! That’s a match made in heaven. 


When I was a kid, a sad little sheet cake with an illegible scrawl of icing was about as good as it got. Kids these days! They don’t know how good they've got it. This “Baker”y cake is too pretty to cut! 

Celotti Exterior

While we’re in Port Henry, we might as well pop in to Celotti’s Wine and Spirits for more suggestions on what pairs nicely with dessert. 

Celotti Sign

The lovely trompe l'oeil sign depicting a Tuscan niche, welcomes the visitor to Celotti’s. 

Evelyn Celotti

I asked owner Evelyn Celotti what pairs well with a decadent devil’s food cake with dark chocolate icing. Thinking it over for a minute, she escorted me back to the dessert wines and pulled out a bottle of Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Porto. I was impressed with her confidence, and made an approving face, as if I understood what she was talking about. I wasn’t worried though, I know from experience that the staff at Celotti’s are always spot on with their recommendations. 

Six Grapes Port

Evelyn's suggestion is a decadent wine to pair with a decadent dessert. With a seductive nose of cherries, plums, and chocolate, and a complex taste of blended ports with hints of berries and oak, this wine could well be thought of as dessert if served all by itself. As always Evelyn comes through in pointing me in the right direction.

Mmm, so many wonderful delights! Now, think back to that hasty New Year’s Eve pledge. There's no court of law that is going to hold you to a drunken promise made under pressure in the heat of the moment. In fact, we are all suitably impressed that a whole month has gone by and you are still sticking to your guns. Well done! But what are you doing? Nobody expects you to carry this silliness on for another day. Isn’t it time to reward your diligence, with some hard won treats? Once you come around to the notion, let me know, I can hook you up. 

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