The frosty shore of Essex

It's hard to visit the adorable town of Essex and not notice the Essex Ice Cream Cafe. Essex has the cutest main street, right on the shore of Lake Champlain, and the shop is situated right in the middle of it. 

How could you not stop in?

They have a huge variety of hard ice cream flavors, including one called Superman that's bright red, yellow, and blue. 

The one on the bottom is Superman.

They also have one named after Champ, Champy Chocolate. And they have no fat and no sugar options as well. 

But the friendly employees said the most popular flavor is Cappucino Crunch, so I gave that a try.


It was delightful! Not too heavy, and with a little bit of crunch — just the way I like it. I can see why it's popular! 

Other food 

What would you drink alongside Cappucino Crunch ice cream? The cafe also specializes in coffee products. They serve coffee, espresso, cappucino, iced lattes, and all the other coffee drinks you could possibly imagine, including a milkshake with espresso. 


And they sell bagged coffee if you want to take some home! 

Decaf? What?

If you're not just looking for dessert or coffee, the cafe still has you covered. They have a handful of lunch options that look super tasty. 

Last week they had a lobster roll special, too!


The shop

The eats are not the only reason to visit this cute cafe. It's a family landmark with a great atmosphere, and the poll in the middle of the shop encourages families to mark their progress as they visit each year. 

So cute <3

You've got to love a business that includes such a homey touch! 

The cafe also sells a bunch of fun products, like ice cream-shaped bubbles: 

The smell of the bubbles matches the color of the ice cream.

Things like coozies and coffee mugs with the cafe's logo on them: 

It makes a great gift or souvenir.

And there's a whole wall of fun T-shirts: 

Me too, shirt. Me too.

The place has a slight bacon obsession, with bacon-related shirts, mints, and candy: 


Mmmm... Meat candy...

And there's fun little things throughout the store like a teddy bear named Ice Cream Sheriff: 

Listen to him. He's the sheriff.

There's also one of those cool rides kids can play on for a quarter, specialized for the shop! 

If I were 30 years younger, I would have been all over this.

And this guy at the door to greet you and, as you leave, to tell you to come back soon!


 Work up a sweat on one of these nearby hiking trails before indulging in frozen goodness. Hungry for more? Check out our dining options!

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