Motorcycling the Adirondack Coast

Living on the Adirondack Coast of the Lake Champlain Region has its distinct benefits especially if you are a fan of two-wheeled activities. The same roads that welcome tons of human-powered bikes each year are also great for touring on motorbikes. 

I am a fan of two-wheeled activities, and since I DO live here, I’ll impart directions for visitors to take a tour along the Adirondack Coast from Ticonderoga to Keeseville.  (This is one of 8 parts of a tour around the many awesome regions of the Adirondacks)

Beginning at the junction of Routes 74 and 9N/22 in Ticonderoga, head north on 9N/22 toward Crown Point. Though one can continue on this road north all the way to Westport, I have a favorite diversion to take us off the “main” road. 

About 3 miles north on Routes 9N/22, take a left onto Vineyard Road (Route 7) toward Crown Point. 

Continue on White Church Road (Route 7) to Moriah.

Turn right onto Edgemont Road through some scenic farmland - and enjoy the stunning vista overlooking Lake Champlain at the top of the hill before descending into Port Henry, where you’ll intersect with 9N/22 again. Take a left to ride through Port Henry, (home of the Lake Champlain monster, Champ).  

Continue north on 9N/22 to Westport, where 9N and 22 split - choose Route 22 on the right.

Taking a break at the Westport Boat Launch
Continue past the NYS Boat Launch Site on your right, and immediately after that, take a fairly sharp right onto Lake Shore Road. 

This is a rambling, curvy road for several miles that eventually emerges from a wooded roadway to parallel Lake Champlain as you ride into historic Essex on Lake Champlain. This entire village is on the National Historic Register, so you might want to pull over and take a walk around to see the amazingly-preserved 19th century architecture.

This is one location where the Lake Champlain Ferry crosses to Vermont, too. As you continue straight, you’ll be on Lake Shore Rd./Route 22 heading north past the ferry landing toward Willsboro. 

In Willsboro, continue on Lake Shore Rd./Route 22 “over the mountain.” You’ll pass Long Pond and eventually come to an intersection at Route 9.

Take a right onto Route 9 toward Keeseville. You're right near Ausable Chasm and the North Star Underground Railroad Museum.  

Once in Keeseville, you've arrived at the end of this segment of the 8 part series. Next UP, a ride to the top of the 5th highest mountain in the Adirondacks.   

Heading toward Whiteface - what a view! 

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