Beaver Flow Trail
44.277870, -73.423798
Cook Rd/Walker Rd, Essex
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The Beaver Flow Trail is a flat, easy snowshoe route that meanders through a mixed forest and runs parallel to a small waterway. There's a house-sized boulder near the end and lots of beaver activity on this path!

Getting there

The north end starts on Cook Road* about 0.1 mile uphill from the junction with Leaning Road.

The south end starts on Walker Road, about 1.4 miles west of the junction with Route 22. This option gives a choice of the east route on the left, which is the forested entrance, and the west route on the right, which leads to the meadow entrance of the Bobcat Trail.

Hiking and cross-country skiing

* Cook Road is closed to cars in winter but open for hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing.

This is an easy, 2.25-mile round trip.

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