Art Farm Trail


The Art Farm Trail is an easy, 1.5-mile round-trip hike.

Property owner and artist Ted Cornell has worked with Champlain Area Trails to create a hiking path which shows off some of his outdoor sculptures and artwork.

The trailhead is on Sayre Road, 0.6 miles north of Lewis-Wadhams Road. 

The trail goes through a field and woods, then connects to the Field and Forest Trail

Snowshowing and Cross-Country Skiing

(1.5 miles RT, easy) Trailhead on Sayre Rd. 0.6 mi north of Lewis-Wadhams Rd.  Trail goes through a field and woods, and then connects to the Field and Forest Trail.

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See the blog post, A Slide Show Celebration of the Art Farm at Crooked Brook Studios in Wadhams, for more about this unique attraction.

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