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Dak Bar is a whole food energy bar, made with only REAL FOOD - no protein isolates, artificial ingredients, hydrogenated fats, or preservatives. The bars are designed with a 40:30:30 ratio of protein:carbs:fats to act as a meal replacement bar. Because they are made with super-natural, real ingredients, they have unique and delicious flavors. Products currently include 6 different flavors of bars:

  • BEAR BAR, with Almonds, blueberries, and maple syrup
  • BEAVER BAR, with peanut butter, bananas, and milk chocolate
  • BOBCAT BAR, with walnuts, strawberries, and ginger
  • GOAT BAR, with walnuts, green apples, matcha tea, and lemon
  • MOOSE BAR, with almonds, cherries and dark chocolate
  • SQUIRREL BAR, with peanuts, cranberries and sesame seeds

All bars are made with pure, local honey!

Dak Bars are sold in outdoor shops and health food stores throughout the Adirondacks and the Northeast. Buy online or subscribe to a monthly delivery of your own stash at


Dak Bar is a whole food energy bar, handcrafted in the Adirondacks. We use pure & simple, real food ingredients that your body easily recognizes and knows what to do with to efficiently turn into sustainable energy. Our super-natural bars are high in protein from nutrient-dense, unaltered sources of nuts and seeds; we tap into the untamed sweetness of honey and maple syrup, and soak up the energy of unprocessed fats from butter and coconut. No preservatives, no protein isolates, no hydrogenated oils, no brown rice syrup… Just real food that makes you feel GOOD. Our food is as natural and FOREVER WILD as the Adirondacks themselves. We fuel your passion so you can live your adventure.


We at Dak Bar believe in offering a serious, whole food energy bar that delivers a lighthearted, fun approach to life. We believe in bringing vibrant health, pure energy, and a smile to all so you can do what you love, longer. We believe that by fueling the bodies of those who eat Dak Bars with clean and simple nourishment, we are creating the energy to pursue dreams, reach goals, and live a purposeful and happy life.


We love the Adirondacks and want to impassion people to enjoy all it has to offer, either by foot or imagination. Dak Bar is working to partner with environmental groups that conserve wildlands in the Adirondack Park to increase the viability and visibility of their noble work. As the business grows, so will the development of our 1% Wild program, which has a long term goal to give a portion of profits to environmental organizations that protect the wild places we love to play in.


Dak Bar is inspired by the culture of the Adirondacks and all its inhabitants, walking on two legs or four. You'll find that each of our different Dak Bar flavors is guarded by its own Flavor Mascot - those adorable animals on the labels that make you smile! When we partner with an environmental group, they are sponsored on the label of a Dak Bar flavor and assigned their very own Flavor Mascot. As we grow, a percentage of profits will go directly to those sponsors to help them in their environmental efforts. Currently, our sponsorships include the Adirondack Council with the Beaver Bar and Green Goat Maps/Adirondack Research with the Goat Bar. We are working on developing more sponsorship/partnerships to come soon!

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