Tanaher Pond


From the parking area there is a short carry to the south to access the pond. The outlet between Tanaher and Mill ponds is too shallow and small to float a canoe or kayak. The trail is not used a ton and the access to the pond is a bit tough, but once on the water it’s a nice little pond.

How to Get There

From the intersection of county routes 6 and 7 in Mineville, follow County Route 7 toward Elizabethtown. Continue for about 3 miles to a faint dirt access road on the right. Drive about 100 feet down this rough road for parking.

Type of Launch

Hand launch from the shore.

Type of Carry

0.1 mile, slightly difficult

Type of Water

Well sheltered, calm, no motorboats


Northern Pike in this pond are quite small but still fun to catch, but the only real way to catch them is from a boat in the center of pond.

Shoreline Fishing

Limited, but if you walk south along the shore you can find a few spots to cast out.

Boat access

There is only this one access for a boat. Canoe and Kayak are best or a small boat with a trolling motor or motor no more than 5hp.

Fish Species

Northern pike, perch, panfish, bullhead

On The Map