Lake Champlain Underwater Historic Preserves
44.158386, -73.432904
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 (photo courtesy Lake Champlain Maritime Museum)

Contact the NYS DEC or the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Basin Harbor, VT for information. Call 518-897-1200 for a detailed brochure.

The Champlain II, launched in 1868, was first used to ferry railroad cars from Burlington to Plattsburgh; in 1874 it was converted into a passenger vessel. The 244-foot steamer ran aground on the night of July 16, 1875 shortly after leaving Westport; all persons were safely disembarked on shore. The wreck lies close to the shore north of Westport in 15-35 feet of water. The shoreline is private. Many other historic wrecks can be found in Lake Champlain.

Removing artifacts or damaging these resources is forbidden by law and deprives others of the opportunity to view and study them. Do not touch the remains, they are fragile. Please take nothing but photographs.

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