Trout and Round Ponds


A pleasant woods walk to the pond, with a trail that follows half of the pond shoreline.

Trout Pond Trailhead: On Ensign Pond Road (County Rt. 4) between North Hudson and Moriah. Marked by a large DEC sign, it is 6.2 miles east of Rt. 9 N of North Hudson on the left side of the road. One can also continue 1.3 miles to Round Pond.

1.4 miles RT, Easy Walk

Time in hours:

Family with Young Kids: To Pond: .5 Round Trip: 1.0
Experienced Hiker: To Pond: .25 Round Trip: .5
Out of Shape Hiker: To Pond: .5 Round Trip: 1.0


The shoreline trail makes this showshoe trek easy to follow even with a fresh snow.


Brook trout, which also means the use or possession of bait fish is prohibited. Unwanted introductions of minnows/bait fish are a primary factor in the decline of brook trout fisheries.

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