Rattlesnake Mountain

This mountain is well-known for offering great "value for effort." It's usually less than an hour to the top, and there are spectacular views of the entire area, including Willsboro Bay and Willsboro Point, the Four Brothers Islands, Giant Mountain, and Rocky Peak Ridge.

How to get there

Take Exit 33 from I-87 (the Northway) and continue on Route 22. Long Pond appears on the right, and the parking area is near a small cabin with the sign "Bear's Den." There is a small sign at the pull-off on the east side of road across from Long Pond Cabins.

By the numbers

  • 1.5 miles, one way
  • Mountain elevation: 1316 feet
  • A moderate climb over rocky terrain but not overly steep


The trail is an old logging road that turns left onto a foot trail, which climbs steeply to the summit where there are spectacular views of Lake Champlain, Willsboro Point, and Vermont. Don't forget to look back on Long Pond. The views extend all the way to the "big lake," Lake Champlain, and the Green Mountains across it in Vermont!

This trail is on private land; please be respectful to the owners. It's for hiking/ snowshoeing only. There is no camping, littering, fires, bikes, or motorized vehicles.

Despite the name, this is the extreme northern end of the range for the timber rattlesnake. They are active from active from mid-May to mid-October, and like to sun themselves on the abundant rocky ledges. So they tend to be visible if so! 


The first part of the trail is a road suitable for any snowshoer, but the climb is rocky and must be taken with care. Snowshoes or traction devices are highly recommended.

On The Map