Essex Quarry Trail and Nature Preserve
44.245848, -73.373385
Lake Shore Road, Essex
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These new trails are ripe with opportunity to explore, and even find some fossils!

Getting there

Essex Quarry Nature Preserve is 1/2 mile south of the blinking light in Essex. Park in the preserve or better yet, park at the Essex Ferry and go on a Bluestone Tour of Essex on your way to the quarry.

Hiking and nature walks

The Bluestone Trail (blue markers) takes you to and circles the quarry. The Red Trail is a woodland loop trail beginning on the west side of the quarry. It leads to and then makes a circle which takes you back to the Bluestone Trail or you can branch-off it and get on the Green Trail or Yellow Trail. The Green Trail leads you through the forest to and along the northern property line where you’ll look out over farmland and end up back on the Bluestone Trail. The Yellow Trail is a short loop trail that spurs off the Green Trail. It goes through the forest and along an old stone wall.

Read some of the history of this location on our blog post!


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