Deer Leap
43.661883, -73.547183
Route 9N, Ticonderoga
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Deer Leap is more of a cliff over the lake and resides lower than the actual hill. Brown Mountain isn’t all that far away making for a nice destination to add onto your day. 

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 9N and Route 74 in Ticonderoga, follow Route 9N south toward Hague continue for around 18-miles to the trailhead for Deer Leap on the left. Parking is on the right. 

Getting there

  • Elevation: 1,086 feet
  • Distance: 3.4 miles, round trip


From the trailhead you will start following along an old woods road which gradually climbs parallel to the road for a bit but quickly swings away. The climb is moderate for the first 0.6 miles to the intersection with the Tongue Mountain Range Trail on the right. Follow the trail straight to reach Deep Leap. From here the trail goes over some small undulating hills, but is most a steady downhill. You will lose about 150’ in elevation before you climb back up Deer Leap Hill, which has limited views. You will lose roughly 120’ in elevation reaching the viewing area, but it’s a nice location and hike. 

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