Berrymill Pond


How to get there

From the intersection of Route 9N, Route 22 and Route 74 in Ticonderoga follow Route 74 toward Schroon Lake. Continue for just under 5 miles to Putts Pond Road on the left. Follow Putts Pond Road to the end at the Putnam Pond State Campground. Head straight through the booth area and head up the hill, the trailhead will be on the left. 

Trail Description

Locate the trailhead at the front left of the parking lot just as you enter. From the trailhead you will climb around 320 feet in elevation, over a distance of 2 miles, to reach the Shore of Berrymill Pond and the lean-to located there. It is a slow and steady approach. The trail tends to be wet, especially in the spring of the year, so expect a bit of running water in areas.

There is an excellent spot on the peninsula where lunch can be had looking out over the water’s edge. The trail does continue past the pond giving other looks at the water, but eventually you should turn around since the trail would bring you out many, many miles from your car. A second car spot off West Hague Road would be an option, but the highlight of the trail is the pond.   


320 feet

Round Trip Distance

4 miles


Wild cranberries, pitcher plants, bears and great Northern water snakes are what may greet you on this paddling adventure. Mountain lions? Really? Maybe? Trails, lean-to's, terrific views of the ponds from campsites.

Size: 40 Acres.


Quiet setting for camping with a new lean-to on the south edge of the pond. Not really a paddling destination, however, due to a 2.0 mile carry to reach the pond. Still, a nice hike and worth carrying a lightweight (under 20 lbs.) boat if so inclined.

Trailhead: 13.3 miles east from Exit 28 on the Adirondack Northway on Rt. 74, turn right on Putts Pond Rd. at sign for Putnam Pond Campground. Trail starts near the exit from the campground loop.

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