Bald Peak

Bald Peak has a trail which starts flat, crosses a stream, climbs steadily through forest, and then follows the stream. After a mile it turns left, crosses stream again and climbs steeply to summit with stunning views. 


Trail (8 mi RT, moderate)  Trailhead 1.3 mi south of New Russia on west side of Rte 9.  (owners NYS and PL)

Trailhead: Leave Lake Placid on Route 73, follow Route 73 toward Keene. Drive through Keene, Keene Valley and Saint Huberts. Take a left onto Route 9 toward Elizabethtown. Continue for 5 miles to the trailhead on the left.

This is an 8 mile RT with significant elevation gain (and some loss), but the views are worth the effort. From the trailhead you will start climbing rather quickly and steadily to the first view on the left at 1.6 miles. A second view is on the right at 1.8 miles, and then after 2-miles you will have the option to either continue over aptly-named Blueberry Cobbles or take a short-cut to the right.

After the two trails rejoin, you start a climb over Mason Mountain, with nice views on a various ledges. After a short descent, you begin a steady, steep climb over many more ledges to the summit of Bald Peak at 4.0 miles. The trail continues another 2.7 miles to the summit of Rocky Peak Ridge. See that description for more details.

Elevation: 3060 ft.; Ascent 2,460 ft.

Family with Young Kids: 3.0 one way, 5.0 RT

Experienced Hiker: 2.0 hours to summit, 3.5 RT Out of Shape Hiker: 4.0 hours to summit, 6.0 hours RT

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