War Along Lake Champlain 

Lake Champlain has a history rich in war, from hostile relations between the Native Americans of the North and South, to controlling the trade route through the St. Lawrence and Hudson rivers. During America’s fight for freedom, conflict involved struggle between the French and British Empires, the Native Americans and the colonists. Evidence of these battles are still around today and can be experienced throughout the Lake Champlain Region. 

The Wars 

  • The French and Indian War was fought here. It is also known as the Seven Years’ War, or, in Canadian history, the War of the Conquest 
  • The Revolutionary War, in which colonists fought for freedom. Americans won their first victory in the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga.
  • War of 1812, the movement to gain control of Lake Champlain and the Great Lakes

The Forts

View of the Carillon boat and Fort Ticonderoga from Lake Champlain.

French built

  • Fort St. Frederic, built in 1734, and destroyed by the French (find out why the French destroyed their own fort)
  • Fort Ticonderoga, originally Fort Carillon, built between 1754 and 1757 (one of the nation’s oldest and best preserved)

British built

  • His Majesty’s Fort at Crown Point, built in 1759 near the site of Fort St. Frederic. This is a rare opportunity to see the ruins of two historic forts built close together. Both are National Historic Landmarks.

Step into the past

Today Fort Ticonderoga still stands and is one of the oldest historic sites in North America. Open to the public during the summer and fall months, along with the ruins of Fort Crown Point and Fort St. Frederic, visitors can experience history first hand thru tours, special events and reenactments.  Visit these historic forts to learn more from the experts!

Plan your trip to the Adirondack Coast. Come for the history and stay for the beauty, recreation and relaxation that is unique to the Champlain Valley.


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