Putts Creek


This stream boasts great rainbow, brook and brown trout.

Beginning at Penfield Pond in the hamlet of Ironville within the Town of Crown Point, Putts Creek empties into Lake Champlain just north of Monitor Bay at the NYS DEC Putts Creek Wildlife Management Area.

The Essex County Fish Hatchery is located on its banks along County Route 2. Find fishing access sites along NYS Rt 9N & 22, and Creek Road/Essex County Route 2 within the Town of Crown Point.


Putts Creek Wildlife Management Area is part of the Lake Champlain Marshes Bird Conservation Area.

Species of interest include: American bittern (special concern), least bittern (threatened), osprey (special concern), upland sandpiper (threatened), great blue heron, green heron, black tern (endangered), northern harrier (threatened), pied-billed grebe (threatened), short-eared owl (endangered), vesper sparrow (special concern), grasshopper sparrow (special concern), bobolink, savannah sparrow, cliff swallow, Wilson's snipe, marsh wren, Virginia rail, Lincoln's sparrow, common goldeneye, black-crowned night heron, winter wren, northern waterthrush, chestnut-sided warbler, Nashville warbler, yellow-throated vireo, and warbling vireo.

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