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Apr 25, 2024

Essex County Community Conversations at Ticonderoga Elementary

April 25  - April 25
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Essex County Community Conversations: Youth Mental Health & Preventing Addiction

April 25th, 2024 from 6-8PM at Ticonderoga Elementary School

Join us in the 1st of a series of conversations to support our youth and others in our Communities!
Caregivers, family members, counselors, teachers, school administration, medical providers, leaders, elected officials, law enforcement, organizations, peer advocates/specialist community members that want to make a difference are ALL welcome!
Essex County facts:
- 2023 had more completed suicides than the combined total of 2021 & 2022. 
- Overdoses and fatal overdoses have increased in 2023.
The only way we are going to address this problem is by coming together and focus on prevention!


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